Pop Video pico projector brings the big screen to your iPhone or iPod touch

The Pop Video pico projector is a new accessory from Micron Technology, Inc. that claims to deliver the big screen experience to your iPhone or iPod touch. The accessory clips onto your iPhone or iPod touch and turns it into a projector allowing you to display a lot of your devices content on a projector screen or wall. The video resolution is qHD which is 960 x 540 pixels.

The sleek and portable PoP Vide pico projector is the ideal iPhone or iPod touch accessory to share your favorite photos, movies, TV programs, and video clips! The PoP Video connects directly to your iPhone or iPod touch without messy cords. PoP Video™ is for anyone who enjoys simple and fun entertainment through projecting humor, interests, experiences, and social networking. It's not about the device but rather the person using it...

The Pop Video pico projector has its own app in the App Store which you need to use with the projector. You can then project non DRM iTunes video, pictures, web pages and social media sites like Facebook. The accessory comes complete with its own lithium-ion rechargeable battery with playback time of around two hours.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these, you can pre-order them now for a cost of $99.  They are compatible with the third and fourth generation iPod touch and the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Source: Pop Video


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Pop Video pico projector brings the big screen to your iPhone or iPod touch


I contacted the company about the App and they said that you do NOT need to use their App to use the projector - the projector will display anything that the iPhone can normally send via video out.

The Brookstone pocket projector is a good one. Cost around $220 and it charges your phone. 60 to 70 inches is a good picture with this one.

I'm curious if they will support the iPad soon. I need to mirror both the iPhone and iPad for training and demos.

The parent company that released the PoP Video is no longer supporting it. However, you can add some pretty cool features by downloading the Go Universal app on iTunes. Check it out if you own a PoP or any other pico projector, it is compatible with all projectors that can connect to an iOS device.

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