You can now choose to have iWork software preinstalled on your Mac via Apple Store app

Apple Store App updated to add iWork checkout feature for Macs

The Apple Store app for iOS has been updated with the option to have Pages, Keynote, or Numbers pre-installed on any MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro. When you order your new Mac you can choose to have the software installed prior to you receiving the computer.

If you don't need all of the iWork apps you can choose only the ones you need and each will be priced just as they are in the Mac App Store at $19.99. Other than adding the new feature to have the iWork suite pre-installed, we haven't noticed any other changes. While it's nice to have a computer come with pre-installed software we're interested in how this works in relation to the Mac App Store and tying to your Apple ID. Perhaps when you check out Apple will just tie the purchase to whatever Apple ID you used to check out.

If anyone has went through the process and added any of the iWork apps as a pre-installation, were you able to re-download them again through the Mac App Store on other Macs? Let us know!

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Reader comments

You can now choose to have iWork software preinstalled on your Mac via Apple Store app


The App Store tie-in will probably happen the same way it does for pre-bundled iLife apps. You'll have to do a quick "accept" process in the App Store, and then it'll be added to your purchase history.

Could this be an indication that Apple might finally update Keynote, Pages & Numbers sometime in the near future?

Perhaps a bit late for a comment, but yet it can easily be done. I had pages preinstalled on a macbook purchase, and went into the app store, purchases tab on my iMac recently and pages showed up with an 'install' tab - easy!