Are you ordering a new iPad mini, iPad 4, iMac, 13-inch Macbook Pro, or Mac mini?

So Apple has announced the iPad mini, along with a next-generation iPad 4, a new Mac mini, and a new iMac. Are you getting any of them? All of them?

Tell us which ones you're going get in the poll up top, and tell us why (or why not) in the comments below. (I have to review them, so my excuses are ready...!)

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Are you ordering a new iPad mini, iPad 4, iMac, 13-inch Macbook Pro, or Mac mini?


iPad mini looks good for the kiddo over the ipod touch. We'll still have her old 3rd gen ipod touch but can't see ever buying another one.

As usual they sucked big time in terms of pricing. Buying a damn iPAD mini for that price? Hmm not sure how somebody can quote this as a competition to Nexus!

I can happily skip this event!

I will probably get the 16GB WiFi only iPad mini. If it had used the faster processor and had an anti-glare screen, I would order the 64GB LTE...

I am getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $299. Nice 5.5 screen and a phone too. Everything I need all in one device. Maybe Apple I phone 6 next year will have about 6 inch screen , then maybe I go back to Apple.

I'm a little angry with both myself and Apple, i just bought the iPad 3 last thursday thinking it would be fine from upgrades till next year. So now my options are to just keep what i have or activate my 14 day returns and wait till mid november and get the iPad 4.

None from that list. I need a new laptop so I'm getting a refurb MBP 13" 2.9 i7 with the 750 HDD.

Mini iPad looks cool, not buying new though. Maybe in 7mo. I'll pick up a refurb.

ipad mini.i was going to get an ipod touch 5g to replace my 1st gen ipod touch,but the price was too close, so i chose the ipad mini 8-].

I have never had an iPad. I was really excited about the mini annoucement thinking that it might be a better idea for my uses than the larger one, but comparing it to my iPhone 5 it doesn't seem that much bigger or better. So I am going to get the iPad 4. But what size IDK. Or do I wait 6 more months and see what the next gen has in store?

I had my iPad 3 for 43 days and returned it Friday night. I figured they were going to go with the Lightning connectors and am very pleasantly surprised when I heard about the iPad 4. I was dancing around like Snoopy! I'll be getting a black 32GB iPad 4 as soon as it's available. Might even though in a Mac Mini or 27" iMac when it's released. Haven't decided on that yet.

I just bought an iPhone 5 as soon as it was released in Norway, so I can't really afford (affort?) somthing new right now (plus i already have an iPad 2). +it takes four weeks after i can order them until they arrive, and i'll get too excited to wait a month for them anyway

I'll get the Ipad Mini. I've had both the Kindle Fire and Galaxy 7 and while they are cheaper they just don't offer what Apple does, at least for me. I get why people love Android products, but I prefer Apple as they satisfy all my needs. I know the Mini is more expensive, but it's worth it to me.

2012 is not the year for me in terms of luck in mobile devices...

May 2012 - Nokia Lumia 900 released in UK
September 2012 - Nokia Lumia 920 revealed and proposed release date of November

Practically made obsolete here in the space of 6 months!

April 2012 - iPad 3 Cellular 64GB purchased through work
June 2012 - received iPad 3
October 2012 - already made obsolete as superseded by better iPad 4th gen

Again made obsolete within the space of 6 months!

I fully understand that my iPad 3 will work fine however it just feels like a big, giant f*** you to all the early adopters of the iPad 3rd gen... It was generally accepted that apple have an annual product life cycle but 6 months?!?!? That's just piss poor if you ask me

Couple this with the current state of iTunes Match, it's not painting a very rosy picture for me...

Just my personal opinion of course!

I will not buy anything from apple any more. I bought the new ipad just in Sept 2012, and now they talk that it being replaced eith ipad 4...

Following imore forum everyday from past 6 months. Always apple prices are high for me.
Don't know when can i buy apple product:)

my mac book pro is still good got an ipad 3 recently ( dang it ) so if i was going to buy anything it would be an ipad mini its the only new product every thing else works great still