Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

Monique Martin2 says:

I would like a black iphone 5s because just recently my best friend has lost her dad and i feel like an iphone could really cheer her up she has always wanted one but cannot aford one

Keydet says:

I woul like a white iPad Mini 32GB Verizon model. Thanks.

phreddyl says:

I would like to win the iPhone 5- Would love to surprise my husband with it for Chanuhah!

disciple27 says:

The iPad. My wife said I can't buy one, but she never said I can't win one.
Thanks iMore!

ios4life27 says:

iPad mini white would be a great Christmas gift.

Mastajeet says:

I would totally use an IPad because i just joined the apple familly and can't get enought of its beautiful synergy!

tmimi says:

I would love a white model iPad 4 (4th generation iPad Retina Display). I am currently still faithful to my iPad 2 and would love to experience the latest retina display model. Thanks for running the contest!

hkoch42 says:

I would like to have an iPad 4 white.

toy68403 says:

I would like the iPad Mini please. Because my wife won't let me buy one =<
Merry Christmas............


BromoGT says:

ipad mini please. Already have an ipad2, mini would be great for my wife and son to use so I don't have to share mine with them.

TRZ06 says:

I'm most interested in the iPhone 5. I'm a former iPhone user, currently a Nexus Android user. I'm finding that I miss the battery life of the iPhone, and to a certain degree the simplicity of it. I'm a fan of both but my time away from iOS has me curious about it again. Thanks for the contest!

Robert Hruzek says:

Why yes, I'd like an iPad mini, please!

kevins6n says:

make mine an iPad Mini! black, please.

breannamariesmith says:

I want and I phone. Or a I pod please

JPMM says:

The new ipad!!! Because I would like to watch movies in a bigger screen, Thanks

ObeyDaSchwag says:

i would like an iphone and an ipod touch thnanks this would be the best present for my birthday ?????? YAYAYAYA HAHAHAH

Zizhen Wu says:

I would like a iPhone5. I have bought a iPad for my daughter. Now I want to get a iPhone for my wife. Thanks

Piper Doon says:

iPad mini for Christmas... Great form factor portable, functional and powerful. I definitely got the big

harle83 says:

I would love a Black iPad mini. It could go with me everywhere and keep my Grandkids entertained when I'm home. Yes I will let them use it! Thanks Guys!

arin.failing says:

I would LOVE to have an iPad mini!!

hselburn52 says:

I'd like to win either the iPhone 5 or iPad 4. Why? It would be nice to have something to look forward to :)

jasonsway says:

Would love a black iPad mini...who wouldn't? :)
Happy Holidays!!

smccloud says:

iPad Mini, because the gift card covers all of it ;)

2BTs4Me says:

I love my iPad mini so much I now want one with more memory and LTE!

Mosab Ashiq says:

I would like to win an ipad because it's going to help me with my school stuff

Corsair4 says:

I purchased the iPad Mini for my wife on her birthday and now I am always asking to use it.

I would love to win the iPad Mini, Please and Thank You.

Merry Christmas!!!

henrymagnusrex says:

I'd go with an ipad mini, white, with cellular and atleast 32 gigs.

El Hache says:

I would like an iPad 4th gen please. Merry Xmas!

Osterlaus says:

I'd like to win an iPhone as a gift for my girlfriend :)

tbprescott says:

I really want an iPad. My 2006 macbook just died, and I need a replacement, but don't need the full functionality of a laptop, as I have desktop computer for the heavy duty stuff. I've been saving up for one for a while, putting just a little bit of every paycheck aside until I get enough. I'm almost there, so an apple gift card would actually be the perfect thing.

Ctheo3 says:

I would like an iPad mini for my better half! Merry Christmas!

Charlf says:

Iphone 5 still on my list for christmas, need that christmas miracle for once in my life!

paulg1978 says:

I'd love an iPad. I never had one and it would pacify my kids on long car rides :)

Piper Doon says:

iPad 4 got to see what retina is all about ;)

Ed_A_Gonzalez says:

I would love any color iPad Mini. Thank for the opportunity to win one. Happy holidays to all and don't loose sleep over the little things.

Jobook1 says:

I would love an iPad mini 32g..... it would be an awesome first iPad!!!!!!

metllicamilitia says:

iPad 4, I have the iPhone 5 and only want one type of cord and I want an iPad to replace my Kindle Fire.

nevermind#CB says:

Tough to decide between the iPad Mini and iPhone5. I'll take the Mini!

darthcarto says:

A new 32GB black 4th Gen iPad with cellular would be an awesome gift for my parents!

sigmamason says:

I will take a white iPad Mini 64GB please and thanks.

kmiahali says:

iPad mini, black and slate, 32GB. Pure awesomeness

rtjenkins says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5! Thank you for all of the awesome contests.

pbanks09 says:

With $350 I could get an iPhone 5 and do an app overhaul :-)

Kpwarwick says:

I love when iPhone five!

N25000 says:

I would love an iPhone 5! My 3GS is about to kick the bucket!!

TheStrider says:

I'd go with an iPad Mini. :) I'd like it as we don't have any at our workplace and it would be good to try one out for "size".

diamondguy37 says:

I would love to get an iPad mini! I need it for running Planning Center Online when producing. My iPhone screen just isn't large enough.

Dan Scherber says:

I'd love a 64 gb 4th gen iPad with LTE. That would be the end of laptops for me.


fuzzeeman says:

I would really love an iPad so that I don't have to FaceTime with my girlfriend on this tiny iPhone screen anymore.. It just doesn't capture her beauty.

hggs says:

iPod Touch 5th gen for me.

tannera54 says:

iPhone 5 AT&T for Tanner AKA TanTan 1...2...3...GO!

bassoprofundo says:

An iPad mini would go a long way toward me earning "Father of the Year"

zee921 says:

I would purchase an ipad mini because it is the perfect size for on the go!

Sph33r says:

I'd probably go for an iPad Mini.

Keeferoo says:

bought the iPad after my phone realised immediately I should have bought an iPhone

Cary Anderson says:

If it works with T-Mobile, I'm in!

Ducimus says:

I've already got an iPhone 5 but I need to upgrade my iPad

micklpickl says:

I should have an iPad mini. :)

Vanityphair says:

Easy choice: an iPad. As a student who carries a laptop around everywhere, it get's tedious and annoying. Having an iPad would let me have a powerful computing device with awesome apps!

ggulick says:

Black iPad Mini, please.

segeln4me#IM says:

Merry Christmas and iPad mini would be my choice device!

iNitvizn says:

iPad mini - wasn't sold on it until I held one. Plus it would get my iPad back from my daughter...haha.

esfoad says:

I think the iPad Mini is the perfect device if you already have a good phone. That would be my choice.

Tommy says:

iPad for me. Because I have an iphone 5 and don't want an iPad mini until it goes retina.

MihirAlve says:

I would love an iPad mini to add to my apple family.

Ken Nolasco says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini

Joe Dorn says:

I've always wanted a tablet and the iPad is the way to go. I choose the full sized iPad.

jguzman89 says:

I would love to get my hands on an iPad mini. I think the size factor is just perfect for traveling, which I do for work regularly.

scorpiock8 says:

I love to have the new iPad I currently don't have cable so I watch everything online on old Dell laptop very slow very buggy but I'm making do...so I'd love to be able to watch General Hospital or Revenge or any of my favorite shows on a brand-new the retina display iPad:-) thanks!

TacomaJustin says:

I'd use it to buy a black iPad 32gb.

M_Stephens says:

iPad retina please! Need to go all Lightning, damn iPad 3rd gen!

sims88 says:

Here's to luck! I want the iphone 5 16gb because pulling out my battery in 2012(I own a blackberry) to solve every problem just doesn't cut it anymore.

spektakle says:

I would go with the iphone 5. Would be so awesome.

rdrum says:

I would love an iPad mini. I want to be able to give my son a tablet for Christmas.

Gigi100557 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini! It's just the size I need for school and work.

steenrock01 says:

Would like an Ipad mini or Ipod my current ipod is dying on me here

Iphone7291 says:

I would love to win an iPad mini so that I could incorporate technology in my elementary classroom!!! Really want one for Christmas!

flyingember says:

ipad 4.

Because my ipad 3 keeps getting taken by a 2-year-old

Shulaw1999 says:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you awesomely awesome people at iMore!! I would love an iPad mini. Who wouldn't?? Crazy people, that's who.

scrawford93 says:

I've been really eyeballing the iPhone 5 as a replacement for my iPhone 4. However, getting older, maybe something a bit bigger would be better. So my official entry would be for an iPad. My eyes would thank you!

Tylorjd says:

iPad Mini all the way! LTE!

Wren Hendershot says:

Ipad mini wifi cellular, so I can FaceTime with my family

MichaelGG#IM says:

I want a Mini. Why you ask....? Because I am well worth it!!! :) Apple Rocks!!

Justin Quinn says:

iPhone 5! Gave my wife my 4S after her phone crapped out and had to go to an Android phone I had from long ago and it just isn't cutting it!

icecrystal23 says:

iPad Mini, because after playing with one at the Apple Store, my iPad 2 seems huge and heavy ;)

mpagano37 says:

I would love an iPad. I would be very helpful for my business. I could stop bringing my heavy laptop everywhere.

MacBookBuddy says:

An iPad would be amazing!

ttriplett1 says:

I'd love to win because I am awesome!

John Maver says:

I want an iPad mini. I think that the form factor and screen are much better than the other tablets on the market. I put one next to a Nexus 7, and it displayed much more text in the kindle app.

rowrucker says:

an iPad would be great!

Alina Sedlak says:

I'd absolutely love to win the iPad Mini! It's really cute and portable, and it would be perfect for me to take around campus and to all my classes. Technology is the way to go for note taking :)
Not to mention textbooks... It'd be great to just use the online versions. See? Winning this could decrease my chances of breaking my back while carrying around that 20 pound calculus textbook! Just slightly important :P

tjlambert says:

I would most joyously love to own an iPad Mini with big gigs and 3G WiFi- My wife loves her iPad, but I feel it's a bit big for watching movies in bed, and of course now she has the iPad my little Kindle Touch just seems to suck

Borislav Borisov says:

iPhone 5, because I deserve it ))) and because will be the best Christmas surprise )))

dmxmd says:

I would like an iPad mini 32gb. Would be excellent on reading textbooks.

Levi Saunders says:

iPad Mini Puhlease! Then I can get stickers to put on my car to show the various members of my iDevice family.

Wayne Norton says:

would like an iPhone 5 since my iPhone 4 isn't allowed to have Siri or AirPlay.... Merry Christmas!!!!

Matador says:

I would love an iPad Mini....i have the iPhone 5 and the ipad but travel a lot and I think the iPad Mini would be perfect when I am on the road. I really used to enjoy the size of my Blackberry Playbook but the lack of apps is what pushed me to buy the iPad. I held a mini in my hands 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it.....it would be absolutely amazing to have this with me on the road. I travel every other week to different cities in Canada and it would complete me :)

FlynnJ says:

I've never owned a tablet so iPad!

glitch03 says:

iPad mini! Love the weight and portability

Suka Apsari Dewi says:

I know it sounds weird, but all of my beloved ones (my mom, my fiance) has no cell phone. Theirs has been broken somehow, so it will be lovely if my wish will become true: give them a cell phone. iPhone 5? More than just awesome! :)

Jaimel0l says:

If the competition is open to us international folks I'd love a white iPad (4th Generation). It's all about the retina display! If the mini had one, I'd buy it. For now though, the iPad 4 has my heart

humdz421 says:

I would love to win the iPad 4! Would help so much with school.

mexman410 says:

I want the iPad with retina display so bad.

LGrecording says:

I'd be more than thankful to win! I'd buy an iPad 4th gen in order to control logic pro via an external controller. An iPad mini would do the job too.

HAL 8950 says:

iPhone 5 to upgrade my wife's phone, and move her phone to my daughter! Thanks iMore!

darylmac says:

iPhone 5! because I will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ... p.s im a lame blackberry user who is trying to switch :( :( :) :)

superninjabagels says:

I want an iPad to help with schoolwork!

onlineaddy says:

An iPhone 5 for my partner!

Evan Dean says:

I'd love to get an iPad mini! They're just the coolest!

Tules says:

I would love the ipad mini, I've been eyeing it ever since the first "parts" rumor came out and I haven't had the cash to buy one yet! Please please please!

Junior6633 says:

After crushing my iPhone 4 I'd love to win iPhone 5 :D

opph20 says:

Pls Santa bring me the new iPad! I've been a very good boy this year!!

rstogy says:

I would like a black iPad mini because I don't have one!

Mad_M says:

How about iPad Mini to be used in car? This will add to my collection of activities while driving, such as putting on make-up, eating, reading, and giving people the bird.

mdbennett26 says:

I would love a new iPad please! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Guy4Tech says:

iPad Mini, Black and Slate! Merry Christmas!

sunkast says:

An iPhone 5, but it would be a Christmas gift for my Mom.

nashlib says:

An iPhone this way please. Would be a brilliant anniversary gift for the wife.

scharfat says:

White iPhone 5 please because I'm so fed up with my android device! I'm ready to be all apple! Merry Christmas imore

jhulgan says:

Verizon Black iPhone 5

paulthefencer says:

I'd love to win the new iPad 4. I hope this is available to Canadians.

AdrianGabeChen says:

IPhone 5 cause my mom's phone is 10 years old and I was going to buy her one

youngballer1796 says:

I would like the iphone 5 please. You should pick me because I always wanted a iphone every since it came out I always my mom she said one day she will get me one but she passed away 2 weeks before my 18th birthday :( .

KCMike says:

The iPad 4 sounds good to me. :)

d_pang says:

I would love an iPhone 5 for my mother, her phone is featured phone and would I bet she would love an upgrade!

Daspoo says:

I'd love an iPad actually. With the larger screen, I'd have more real estate to watch movies, play games, and occasionally hook into my home computers using TeamViewer to manage my website, and family's computers.

Mississippi1817 says:

I would like an iPad 4 32GB since mine was Stollen :(

alexdeoth says:

I wish an iPhone 5 for Christmas thank you so much for the chance!

99formula says:

It would be cool to get an iPhone 5 to give to my wife. Or I'd take an iPad mini!

mlbaker says:

I would love an iPad mini

kdh4321 says:

Iphone 5. I need to convert my daughter from the android world.

johnowoss says:

I've been wanting a iPad mini.

doogald says:

iPad Mini, for travel and e-reading.

timr14 says:

IPhone 5 please! I got stuck with a Droid and am dying here.

Ken Scott says:

Would like an iPad 4 so I can use the same cables/adapter as iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

marco garcia says:

i would want a ipad to give my son something to play with for christmas

Bkbone says:

I want an iPad Mini black 16GB WIFI only because its amazing and will become the best Christmas gift.

dricklin says:

iPad mini would be nice...

bryanmontz says:

I'd love a white iPad mini. Reading in bed with my iPad Mega is hard cause it's sooo heavy. #whiny #sarcasm

jaydubya24 says:

iPhone 5. I have no money to do anything for Christmas. Having a iPhone 5 as a gift to someone I care about the most, would definitely make this Christmas season very special for me. Merry Christmas :)

encarnaci0n says:

I want the new ipad because I got the nexus 10 and I'm not satisfied at allllllll

acWoodcarver says:

iPad Mini since it is large enough to easily read and it is small enough to easily carry. Thanks!

nsis88 says:

Of course an iPad. #comeon!!!

pauley79 says:

Another contest, and agin, I am trying to win... iPhone 5, please for me! Merry Christmas!!!

Afatani says:

I need a new iPhone.. a white one this time.

nchoksi says:

I'd love to win an iPad for my Son.

Ben Katz says:

Geez. My iPhone 4 can't run Bastion which I really want. It can't navigate turn by turn too. I just really really need a new iPhone.

gts#CB says:

Ipad mini for me please

Derek Green says:

iPad mini, I'm in love! Bought one for my wife and now I'm very jealous

RafoC says:

Iphone 5
T-Mobile's New 1900Mz + iPhone 5 = #wining #xmaswihes

Chester Chiu says:

iPad Mini because it is teh sex in slate

SkiPPy087 says:

I would love the the New iPad to give to my wife for Christmas. She is a teacher and it would be a great tool for her work.

Lepennenere says:

I would love the iphone 5, I need to replace a trashed phone. I don't care about color.

jp2stepr says:

iPad Mini...easier than ever to carry everywhere. Thanks for all you do!

jnichols_ttu says:

new iPad (late 2012 version) gotta have the Retina display

Ommadawn says:

An iPad mini would be quite nice, thank you very much.

dalejr88nascar says:

ipad mini!!! bc i love the convience of it

VNSukhoo says:

I would like an iPad Mini to tease my sister about and FaceTime my family! :)

fribbit13 says:

I'd like a new iPhone since the mic on my 4 doesn't work on phonecalls =(

thatguykc says:

Wow! iMore, y'all are awesome. I would really like an iPad mini because I sold my iPad 2 in order to pay for my kid's Christmas presents.

jamie says:

An Iphone 5 would be awesome!

KingSuki says:

What I would like more than anything would be the brand new 4th Generation Ipad in Black 16GB of goodness, and power at my fingertips. It would make my xmas if I were to get that baby. After using my friends Ipad 2 for so long, I've been longing for an Ipad of my own now.

bigstein says:

Please Hannukah Harry. Please oh please bring me an Ipad 4th Gen!!! PLEASE!!!

jessedholm says:

I'd love the new Ipad 4th gen!!

twbbas says:

I want an iPad Mini because it's the perfect size for a tablet!

cody_21 says:

I want a black iPad mini. I need something that does everything the bigger iPad does without the size for college.

hakuroji says:

What a great Christmas it would be to win one of these...Thank you iMore.

asggold says:

I would like to go with the iPad mini, black, 32 gig, cellular. Something a bit smaller then my iPad 2 since I mostly use for reading and working while traveling.

greentj says:

Ipad mini would look great next to my iPhone 5 and 3rd gen ipad.

jmalloch says:

Mini, definitely a mini.

mjsavage says:

Would love n iPad mini my wife dropped my iPad 3 and now it has a crack across the screen.

Brm5688 says:

i would like a 32 GB iPhone 5 for Hanukkah please! my parents can't afford a gift for me this year :/

ATW72 says:

I would like an Ipad mini, black, with cellular. My little one love to play the education game and apps, so this would be great.

Scatabrain says:

IMore rocks! Hoping for the Mini. Cheers.

Braun00 says:

I would like a Ipad Mini - Merry Christmas

brex says:

i'd like an iphone 5 64gb, I have a lot of audibooks....

(wish they made 128gb already!)

garrett96 says:

iPad in black. It would be the perfect gift for my dad. I would love to be able to use the gift card towards it.

transalp03 says:

The iPhone 5. So I can give my 4S to my girlfriend. And she can give her 3GS to my father. And he can throw the Samsung out of the window.

Melo25 says:

First I would love to say this is an awesome site. I love it a lot . I would love to win the new iPad . For the record your podcasts are great source for apple info . Keep up the great work you do . Happy holidays :)

OnYourKnees says:

I would take any iPad Mini in any configurations and be extremely happy. Thanks for the opportunity!

awil26 says:

I want to win so I could buy the iPhone, never had an iPhone or a smartphone for that matter. I was spoiled early in 2009 when I bought my first iPod touch 1st gen off eBay and since then I've been an iOS user/advocate. Being on tmobile doesn't help either since its not available through them. I'd also like to buy an Apple TV which would eliminate the need for so many apps and connections.

Samcrossiii says:

I want an iPad because I bought one a few months ago. Yesterday in broad daylight while picking up dinner my car window got broken out and someone stole the iPad out of my car. I was inside for 15 min. Please help.

hls811 says:

I'd love an iPad.. :)

Rbj69 says:

Would like a black iPhone 5 with 32 GB and unlocked from UK to work in gcc country's

williamsbh76 says:

I really want an iPad 32gb LTE. 3rd or 4th generation, it doesn't matter. Then I could pass my wifi only 3rd generation down. Thanks iMore!

kekinsey10 says:

I'd go with the black iPad mini 32 gb. I'm intrigued by the size and weight.

SheikShaka says:

iPhone 5! Cause its a sexy piece of tech.

3.juan4 says:

This would be the best gift I could give my sister.

greenapple5 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini under my tree.

petska says:

I'd love an iPad Mini w/ LTE. Merry Christmas iMore!!!

Mckman007 says:

Looking at the iPhone 5 for this Christmas, wanting to give my mom my iPhone 4 for her first smartphone.

justinkoehn says:

Black iPhone 5 on AT&T for me :-) Merry Christmas guys and gals :-)

ToddEckel says:

An iPhone 5 would be a big upgrade in a nonupgrade year. :)

WildFire6425 says:

I would like an iPad 4. We've got one in the house already, but an additional one for my wife and kid would be wonderful!

jtrippe77 says:

The new Ipad would be awesome. Merry Christmas!

Ikendrickd says:

I'd really love to give my boyfriend an iPad mini for Christmas, he has a nexus 7 and he hates it. I wanna show him how much better iPad and iOS is!!

cguilbeau22 says:

The new iPad, I'd be happy with any version.

inki says:

Meeeee! The most recent iPad, definitely.

rhizon15 says:

How about a black iphone 5, please? Would definitely like to give one of those bad boys a try. I might begin working for an Apple retail, and while I have Android right now, I would not mind going back to iOS, especially if it helps when applying for the job ;)

MargaridaPires3 says:

Hey guys, I'd love to have an iPhone 5! Always though of Apple as such a successful brand and I loooooooooove iPhones, but never had one! Oh, and Santa thinks I really deserve one! :p

Bigchris says:

I would like a Black iPad mini 32gb for my fiancee' for X-Mas. Thanks

DawnGP143 says:

I would want to win an iPhone 5....because I think an iPhone FINALLY does everything my Android has always done, and now it's time to get one.

dougef2 says:

I would love an iPad mini.


Truebluetml says:

I would love a black ipad mini for christmas

TheGradi says:

I'd like to have the iPhone 5 because it would make students life so much easier!

Niels Dam says:

Definitely the iPad mini. Would be so awesome for me as a medical student not to be walking around with those books in my lab coat but instead have them all as ebook on my iPad.

kempmullaney says:

I'd love the new iPad mini to keep in my living room as my go to device while watching TV.

kfreemanii says:

I want an iPhone 5 in any color. I want to leave android so bad for a stable and secure IOS. also i have wanted an iPhone since the original. Thank you guys for the opportunity

mmmpow3r says:

Since I didn't win the Powerball, I'll take the new iPad!!

Markaroni says:

Hello...ONE...Mini Me Please.Oh how I would love to meet a mini...come here mini!!!

MaxGruber says:

The original iPad, because I'm building an online magazine and it would fabulous to test it with the iPad, in addition to running that independent small business.

merkdevine says:

iPad mini because it is the only apple product missing from my collection!

sataml says:

I would love to win this to complete my christmas wish

bill15 says:

need the Iphone 5 wife's 3gs went belly up so she took my 4s so the Iphone would be nice

flipish5 says:

iPad mini all the way because its Christmas time and everyone needs a new Apple product.

MNfan says:

iPhone 5 ...because I loooooooooooovvvvvveeee apple and could not upgrade this time.....

nano2909 says:

I would love an iPad mini for my two kids.. Then they can stop asking to use mines or my wife's iPhones lol

datenesser says:

Dear Santa, I wish I had a black iPad Mini with Cellular

beggari says:

1 iPad mini for me! Thanks.

Watchful says:

I’d love an iPad because I already have an iPhone 4S on AT&T and I want to switch to Verizon when my contract is up. I don’t have an iPad and I really want one. So that’s what I would get.

Chief203 says:

I would choose the new iPad!!

toml2003 says:

iPad mini because the form factor is just amazing!

sprocket2107 says:

I would love to win an iPhone. I've been trying to save up to buy one but I just can't afford it as certain things keep happening where I have to dip into my savings fund. I'm in my senior year of college and I've been struggling to get by and winning one would help out immensely.

gcardona says:

Looking forward to getting an iPad Mini

jimpilot says:

Wow this would make a Merry Christmas. :-)

konstantinos nerantzidis says:

I would love to win the new iPad because I want to study with this for my university.

weez333 says:

I would love a new iPad. My daughter has taken over my iPad 1.

a_kdas says:

This is the season for hope and no harm in hoping for a goody from Apple!

bigteabagger says:

I want a new iPad so I can watch cartoons while my wife is watching her terrible shows on Bravo.