Apple financial results and conference call today 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT

Apple financial results and conference call today 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT

Apple is set to release their Q2 2013 financial results, and conduct their usual conference call, today at 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT. Most times the only news we get out of it is how many more billions Apple made, and what kind of shots Tim Cook took at competitors and analysts asking about TVs for the umpteenth time. Today's narrative will, of course, be focused -- or unfocused -- around Apple is doomed.

Apple wil still earn billions, way more than competitors who enjoy huge market and media support while seldom if even earning a nickel of profit. And there's a good chance they'll be killed for it.

Either way, we'll be back later to sort through all of it, and try to attach some sanity to the narrative. If you want to follow along, you can listen live or catch the recording later via the link below. Meanwhile, leave your predictions in the comments.

Source: Apple Investor Relations

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Reader comments

Apple financial results and conference call today 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT


Isn't it about time for an upswing in market confidence? If the purpose of the narrative is, at least in part, to bring down share prices and reap the benefits of buying low, how much longer can the downward trend go on in light of record quarter after record quarter?

If you grant the assumption there is some sort of mustache-twirling conspiracy intentionally driving the stock price down, then no. Any evil genius worth his (or her) salt would keep driving the price down until the exact moment the public believes Apple is an irresistable buy, at which point the cabal would snap up every last share available. Anything less would leave money on the table, which is never advised when evil lairs are so expensive these days [ ]

Perhaps it's time for a change and Apple realises that and this will reveal something towards their plans for the next upcoming iOS devices. But then again, Apple plays seriously with their secrecy so that's never gonna happen.
Still; fingers crossed!

That is near impossible to do based on just the massive amount of money needed & regulatory hurdles Apple would have to overcome. It'll be an interesting earnings report none the less.

I think they will be fine in the long term. Consumers and the competition are feature focused while Apple is focused on making products which provide the best experience. Apple products are the benchmark, the gold standard, that all other products are measured against. Feature focused people are afraid that apple is not keeping up but forget that apple is the leader. They also don't realize that 90% of the advertised features on other phones are not used (gimmicks). Also, Apple hardware and software are so well made that the phone still benchmarks at or above these quadcore/high RAM devices. I trust that the company will continue to grow and produce amazing products.

Hoping that Tim Cook will, just for once, say "Hey Munster. Yeah you, Mr. Apple-Television-This-Year monkey. Read my lips: No. Apple. Television. Set. This. Year. Or. Next. Year. Or. The. Year. After. Next. Year."

Can we stop with the "apple is doomed" victom-hood? Nobody is ever arguing Apple is doomed. It's a strong company that's not going anywhere. People should stop getting bent out of shape and spouting the outrage at nonexistent "apple is doomed" claims.