What do you think about the new look for iOS 7? [Poll]

The iOS 7 announcement at WWDC 2013 left us with a lot to talk about, but the most immediately noticeable difference is the appearance. Since Jony Ive took charge of the design, we had heard countless rumors about all the skeuomorphic elements being stripped out leaving us with a much simpler, flatter design. And that's pretty much what we got -- though if you look carefully at the press shots of Notes and Reminders, there's still a hint of paper in there. It's different, a whole lot different, but we want to know what you think of it.

The green felt has gone, the stitched leather has gone, the icons have been dramatically changed. iOS 7 is bright, colorful in places but reserved and simple in others. Billed as the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone, there is no doubt that visually at least, those words are correct. But we want to hear your thoughts on it. Is it too flat? Too bright? Do you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between? Drop your vote in the poll up top and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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What do you think about the new look for iOS 7? [Poll]


Same happens to me. I love everything except the new home screen look. Why does it have to look so similar to Nokia's Series 40?

I don't see how anyone can love any of it, they completely dropped iOS and ripped off droid garbage. I'm honestly not planning on updating, I can't stand the look.

As someone who has been using ios7 I can honestly say the UI is a HUGE step backwards for Apple. My iphone I enjoyed and could see easily outside in the daylight is ruined. The UI is extremely to bright and boring, it resembles Windows 3! It's terrible and ugly, this is not a step forward at all. If I'm forced to update to this ios I will sell my iPhone, even after being a user since the first release I'll be gone.

It looks like the swipe thing borrowed from BB10. But I guess this iOS7 will be more stable OS than BB10.

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imo the ios interface has gone from iconic to icon-ick . . but I'm sure millions of others will love it, and that's what they need to go with. But I think its unfortunate that iphones have this often cited stereotype (which I hate/loathe/disagree with btw) that they are toys for women and teenagers, and since the new icons seem kinda juvenile, petite, and feminine it would only seem to perpetuate the stereotype. But I love the new functionalities, and I guess I've got till the fall to get used to the new iconography.

I'm a woman and I don't care for the new icons at all. Agreed that they're juvenile. However, I don't see them as feminine. They're unsophisticated and reflect poor taste, in my opinion.

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They look like clip art from the early 90's, not something made by Apple led by one of supposed best designers in the world. It looks like a unicorn barfed on the springboard. Absolutely horrible, They should have fired Ive and kept Forstal.

Likewise I am really disappointed to see that Ives is connected to this in any way, I had so much respect for him as a designer before this. I dont know how apple could allow this painfully ugly regression of design to happen. Im so shocked that It has been well received by anyone let alone more than half polled. Now Im stuck at itunes 10.6, Snow leopard and IOS 6.1.2. These will be my last ever updates and to me the death of a legendary company. "everything that is popular is wrong" Oscar Wilde

well, I'm sorry, but as much as I dislike the icons personally I think you're quite a bit overboard to be casting aspersions on sir jony and pronouncing the death of apple . . .

Yeah, I was actually just thinking that a minute ago...
I think I'm just a bit angry because Im really not liking anything apple have put out software wise recently. I know its not like everyone isn't trying their best to make the best software and UI but nothing about it really feels like apple to me, The frosted glass stuff reminds me of vista. In my opinion Ives has designed some of the best looking products of our time but UI design quite different from hardware design. Maybe he is just some kind of design god who can transcend disciplines, I'm ok with thinking he is. I just really don't know how anyone could learn the dense amount of knowledge of the apple spec stuff, UI design principles along side all the amazing technical drawing and auto cad etc of hardware design. Im happy to be wrong about this and will hail Apple geniuses again when I see something I recognise.

If Apple gave me a tick-box opt-out regarding aesthetic changes in updates then Im sure I wouldn't really care about these updates at all.

I couldn't agree more. The icons before were visually stunning, now they look like my two year old drew them. I keep saying that the only thing that the OS needed was functionality and customization, with those two things users could have modified the OS themselves to their liking instead of being stuck with what apple has given us.

I completely agree. My whole issue with iOS has been the complete lack of customization. I admit I switched from iOS because I couldn't customize the phone an went to Samsung, and I hated the look Samsung had, but at least I had the option to completely change it. I would love to come back to iPhone, but after this I might stay with my Samsung. I do have the iPad an iPod, but I may push back upgrading them if Apple sticks with this look.

I am curious about the black and white mode which has been barely discussed. I hate a few of the colors in iOS 7 specifically the pink music app.

I love the transparency effects, and am glad they applied them to stuff like the keyboard. But I HATE that everything has gone bubblegum and white. It's either neon rainbow colors or bright white, which is annoying as hell anywhere but bright lighting. You end up having to turn down the brightness that much more which makes it look faded and crappy. And the inverse color mode doesn't just effect general UI it effects everything including movies and such, which makes it less than useless. And what's with the pink controls in the music app? I think overall iOS 7 looks nice, but it's very childish and girly at the same time. Not something i'm going to be happy being stuck with. I wish apple would just allow SOME customization. I understand not wanting crappy lazy designers making everyones phones ugly, but allow different color schemes or something. come on apple.

I think the design is good but the colors are awful. Too pastel for me, makes me think of Easter or a nursery.

Exactly, it's hard to even tell what is and isn't a button now, looks like Jony Ive designed it while on acid as he watched Charlie the Unicorn. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 1, there isn't anything good about them, it's a disaster, probably the biggest design **** up Apple has ever made.

Apple has always been about class, about usability, about understated elegant design, this is the complete opposite, it's loud, childish, gaudy, and amateurish.

I don't like to second guess Steve Jobs, but I really doubt he'd have let this garbage out of the lab. Apple has a few months now to fix it before public release, or I see them running off a lot of people who will switch to Android, or pretty much anything else, since every other OS looks worlds better than this horrible crap.

It was exactly things like the realism that first attracted me to the iPhone, the textures, the 3D like nature to the OS, sure it needed improvements, however this is a monumental step backwards, not the improvement people were looking for. Most would have been happy with some minor tweaks here and there, it's features we wanted, not unicorn lipstick.

Also, lots of older people use iPhones due to their ease of use, I don't see many older people wanting to use an OS that looks like their grandchildren designed it with crayons. The super skinny font is nearly impossible to read in many areas, and the buttons and realism that made the OS fluid and simple have been replaced with illegible text, and confusing easter confetti.

Such a shame they didn't aim to make it more modern and classy, like Jaku (which is a beautiful theme available for jailbroken iPhones for those that do not know).

I will not use iOS 7 until it's jailbroken, and if it can't be then I will buy an HTC, I don't wear kids clothes, play with toys, I do not want my phone looking like a Fisher Price toy phone either..

I ABOSLUTELY AGREE! Althought functionality may have improved I believe in terms of the classy look, it has gone backward instead of forward. Apple needs to remain a leader and not try and blend with windows and droid.

Those new icons - it's like a rainbow exploded on the home screen, not a fan of the new colour palette OR artwork. And I just don't understand how some of those design changes are supposed to be improvements - the new icons represent photos, or games, really? I'll be suprised if I don't click the Safari icon expecting the compass app to open. I guess I think the new icons look like something designed for elementary school kids; or maybe like they're unfinished.

It's one of the worst designs I've ever seen on a modern device, can't think of anything worse, if this is what we can expect from Ive, then Apple is in trouble, any one of the talented jailbreak theme creators could have whipped up better icons in an AFTERNOON!

Gonna be honest about iOS 7...I don't like the childish/cheapness Samsung look to it.... Kinda reminds me of windows 8 look/feel but with white backgrounds instead of black themes

It looks way classier in the previous OS. But god knows the old OS was aging and needed something... But the icons make it look like a Samsung phone. Slightly impressed but at the same time... Not impressed that they went to that look. It's gonna get trolled later for looking cheap, cartoony, and childish

The OS operates marvelously but could have maintained the classy look and professional style of the old OS. They could have added all the new movements and APIs to the old theme.

Either way you look at it... It's a win... But it is what it is. I give it an 8.0 and it truly satisfies. Great improvement was delivered

As for osx, I am a monster fan of for sure. Nothing come close to it. Window management could be a bit better. But still it's great.

I like it and to all of you bitching all the time about Apples new make over, maybe it's time to get another brand of phone, My god it's only a damn phone, Get over it and grow up!!!

Umm . . we were asked our opinion, I think the responses thusfar have been cordial and respectful, unlike yours.

I would love to but their all shit, Apples was the only home screen I could stand the look of so now the iPhone is just any other phone to me but that doesn't mean people are going to be happy about loosing something they liked

Love the typography inside individual apps, though worry about eyestrain with the constant thin-black-on-all-white look.

Mildly dislike the color scheme.

Hate the icons.

Think the translucency is overdone, and is absolutely harmful in some cases. (Anybody who says they can easily read the song and artist in the frosted glass Control Center overlay is either part eagle, or lying.)

Summaries from designer types who have similar opinions, but speak more intelligently (if harshly, in some cases) on it:


Think the minimalist changes some widgets hurt usability. For example, there is no slider anymore, so the text "slide to unlock" is a misnomer; it is more a swipe than a slide. Worse, it takes a horizontal swipe to unlock, but the "slide" text is positioned above a vertically oriented arrow. This is going to be a common frustration for new users:


It is hard to believe a company renowned for usability would make put forth these sorts of things as "fully thought out" design elements.

There is a big difference between being a hardware designing and being a graphic interface designer. This is showing that he is not so skilled in the latter. This will isolate users. I don't see grandma and grandpa using something that looks like it came out of a Disco. Things are hard to see. I liked the warm textures and 3D icons and elements. I hate google mail because they employ similar designs. Bleck. I won't be upgrading

Is anyone noticing that it takes way longer to charge the iPhone 5 with iOS 7?

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Well, I'm looking forward to it! I especially like the Safari Tabs and the Multitasking. I do hope that they slip a text wrap into Safari!

The revised UI really is too "thin". After spending a day with iOS7, I can say I love the new functionality, but the dark on light theme really is killing my eyes. If there was a "dark" theme like in WP, it wouldn't be as bad. That said, it does feel like a different OS, needing a learning curve to figure out how to do familiar tasks. Can't say the visual changes add or detract from the whole until I get back up to speed. I do know that morning use is much more friendly compared to end-of-day shocking contrast.

Looks good just a case of getting used to the new icons when looking for something.

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Nobody commenting here has actually used iOS 7.
Have you? No? Yeah. I knew it.

I'll install 7 within the next few weeks. I'll reserve comment until I've tried it.
Useless wasting time and effort commenting on screenshots.

I did install 7 Monday night but have not really played with it. Just happy it installed. Just funny and how you think your comment has any meaning. First impression comments (screenshots or not) are interesting. No matter how a consumer processes products, that info is valuable.

well SockRolid, we were asked how we thought it looked, not how well it functioned, thats why we can comment without using it . . . don't people read for comprehension anymore?

In case you missed it, the title of this blog post is "what do you think about the new LOOK for ios 7" . . . got it now ?

Static or moving this is far to ugly for me to use on the daily. Perhaps your a dev who played a part in this monstrosity?

I'm not a fan of skeumorphism, but iOS 7 looks childish, non professional, and just totally ugly.

The more I look at it, the more I hate that new look. I'm so disappointed.

All these pastel colors, these ludicrous icons with gradients and awkward proportions, they all point me to one thought: Sir Jony Ive is a marvelous designer, but like many artists who mastered light and contrasts, he just does a terrible job with colors. I know that cause at some point I did decent illustrations myself, with pencil or ink, but when it came to coloring, I just needed help like many others do.

Anyway, if only Apple would admit they need a bigger screen iPhone, I could deal with that crappy new iOS, but I'm pretty pessimistic about that and for now the only thing that retains me is the ecosystem, which is shared by my whole family and jumping to Android would cut me from them.

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New look is terrible. Jonathan Ive done very bad job designing new icons (to much colorfull and flat like children pain, old icons was a lot better like settings, safari, music ..... ), control center (this function is good but design is very bad), phone app. I hope this is a early beta and everything will change. But if not I will not upgrade to ios7.

Disappointed Apple user.

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Really??? What happened to you Apple? These are the same reasons I tossed my iPhone in the trash a year ago and converted to android and can honestly say I have never looked back. I liked my old Windows phone more than I did my iPhone. What a sad day for all of those apple fans. Say what you want but you are lying to yourself if you say you are not disappointed with the new ios7.

Really because allot of people think the idea there going for an the progress they've made so far is excellent eh some ppl can't take change .suck it up there's only one word for you people "apple HATERS"

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BS. Change is good, change for the sake of change is stupid, iOS needed many updates, but I don't think anyone was asking for it to look like it was designed by a bunch of children with pastel crayons. There's good reason so many people think it looks like crap, because it does, it doesn't make anyone a "hater", some of us know good design when we see it. This is not good design, this is utter garbage. I want to see Apple continue to succeed, i want to see them kick the competitions ass, I don't want to see them fail, and I don't want to look at this Unicorn shit on my phone.

Love the new features; hate the "new color palette". It looks cheap and childish--a cross between toy packaging for the age 3-5 set, and the way a 13 year old girl would decorate her school locker.

As a comparison to my answer i gave yesterday which was not a negative on IOS 7 was not fully convinced that I would like the UI and that was my real only drawback and reservation. The more I read about and give it some further thought not to mention the features, I have come to realize that when i look at all of the components I am beginning to have a turn around in opinion. I believe that the more I settle in to learning about all of the components together I trust by the time it hits for public download I will warm up to it just fine. Let the new IOS roll.

I think there's a lot to like about the new design of iOS 7 and the increase in functionality is just as great…! Also, don't forget that this is the very first version of what will be several different iterations before the final release in about four months or so…

I like the new look. I think people are hating this rainbow color but its because the wallpaper makes it look that way. My friend has it installed and with a dark wallpaper it makes everything look different, including the keyboard. I think it's a nice change

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Apple hater? I gave Apple a chance. I bought my iPhone with the expectation that it would be a good phone but within 3 months, I was over it. But in all fairness, I'm in I.T. and I like to be in control of whatever device I am using. With Apple locking down everything, I was immediately turned off by what it had to offer. Not to mention the tiny screen size. Sure it "felt" like a nice phone but the internals didn't match the outside. So I gave android a chance by accident. Wow, what a great user experience that I can fully control, personalize and customize to MY liking, not apple's or some other manufacturer.

I like it when companies like Apple and Samsung compete because we all benefit, but damn, Apple's new iOS7 isn't even in the same league as Android 4.2 or 4.1 for that matter. Well, except for all the new features they stole from Android which is kind of flattering yet very frustrating. Unless you have owned a galaxy s3 or s4, then really your opinion is pointless because you can't say you've used both products and can offer a fair review.

So I'm not the apple-hater, I think you're the apple fan boy. Btw, I hope the new pastel colors on your new home screen match the rainbow sticker on the back of your car because you can't change it. :)

Dude seriously? Are you now saying that anyone who likes the OS has to be gay?! As if a sexual preference has anything to do with color preference or, if it did, there is anything wrong with that? Unless you're in junior high school, leave the anti-anything remarks at home. This is a forum for adults.

Wow, for an "I.T." person your love an operating system that lacks security, stability, and is fragmented I hope you are not in "I.T." I am involved with using tech. Also, the real theft is not from Android but WebOS which iOS and Android own much to.

"Fragmented". Please tell me about the Iphone 3GS getting iOS7 while I'm asking my friend right next to me why he's iphone 4 doesn't have Siri.
Every system is fragmented, GET.OVER.IT

I like what I saw, but, can't really say until i have/use it. Im glad to see some change bit me will tell.

It's no different than these writers claiming that iPhones are becoming more geared or desired by women, young children and the elderly. If you haven't read that on any blogs or news site then you have your head stuck up your a$$. I have a lot of gay friends who I would make that comment to, only difference is that they aren't so uptight and can take a joke. But we're getting off topic here. All I am saying is that Apple is loosing it's innovation, the new iOS7 looks horrible and isn't impressive at all. The few new features were copied from Android and Windows Phone. And if history repeats itself, which it does, iPhone users will start to get tired of Apple's closed OS and they're control over how the phone YOU bought with you're hard earned money should look, feel and operate. They don't even let you change the battery or add a micro sdcard for extra storage. You have to pay $100 upcharge just to get a few extra gigs of storage. Don't you guys see how this great company you call Apple operates. It's like they are the tech nazi's and people just do as they say. And then they try to sue everyone for copying when just the other day samsung beat them in court banning the sell of some of their older products. Sure it won't hurt them financially but what a slap in the face!! I guess I'm vocal about it because there are so many uneducated people out there that don't see what they're doing and can't see the direction they are going. They just buy their iPhones because it's the "cool" thing to have, it's simple to use and requires very little tech skills to operate.

Chris you are spot on with your comments. I have always been an apple fan boy myself. Owned every piece of hardware Apple has produced. Lately, I am starting to see the scam Apple has now been pulling. Every thing they introduce is 'revolutionary' or a 'new beginning'. Total crap.

They know already that they have done whatever they possibly could have on their own with their OS. So they have no other way but to start copying innovations others are putting out there. Such as Swipe multitasking screens from Blackberry OS 10.1 and Weather Animations from Android. They are calling it a new beginning which is utterly sad.

I own a work iphone 5 and Blackberry Z10. My wife carries a Samsung Galaxy S4. So we are exposed to all three and let me tell you, iPhone is the least touched now. Its an excellent piece of hardware, but there is nothing more happening for the OS beyond that.

@Chris........IPhones have never had a removable battery nor a memory card slot to expand memory. Nothing new here and has been the same since 2007.

With the battery life that it is, I find bsolutely no need to have a removable battery....one less item to keep track of. And I sure don't need more than 32 gigs of memory.

And the fact that the iPhone is easy to use? Yes it is, and is the reason for its mass appeal. Why would I want a complicated phone? Remember, IT'S A FREAKIN PHONE! You know, to make calls, check the web, send some texts, take some vids and pics, watch some porn, etc.

And lastly, you need to check your history.......everyone in tech is suing each other, and has been this way now for years. Apple did not create the copyright infringement lawsuit.

You're an asshole, period. I don't care what the hell goes behind the scenes. Sue this, sue that. Apple controls everything and wants my money. I buy what I want because I like it. Now piss off

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90+% of people buying smart phones are not tech savvy. They buy what their friends have, what the techie they know tells them, or the salesman at the store tells them because of the spiff they are earning to push a particular unit. Apple makes tech for the non-techie and dose it as good if not better than anyone. People liked the closed system, they don't have to learn or program. They are happy to change their wallpaper and their notification tones. For those that want change, they jailbreak. Look at iOS, WP and the skins of most Android phones, easy and simple. That is what 90+% of the people want, for those that don't there is Android.

I'll reserve final judgment for the final release. In the past I always felt like the betas were essentially complete on the design side of things and the beta process was for fishing out the functional bugs. I hope this time that the design will also evolve with feedback in addition to the normal bugs and also that we have not seen all the new features to be included. (I'm still hoping that replying to a message can be done from the notification center before all is said and done.) I think the native app icons could still use some refinement. I think the added functionality already announced will be enough to push me over the edge to upgrade to 7, but I do hope that the design aspects (especially the icons) receive a little attention/refinement before it's released. Overall I'm not opposed to the new design, but some things just look less perfected than what we've come to expect from Apple. It needs some significant tweaking to make it look more polished and somewhat professional. (I do think I'll miss the linen backgrounds; I didn't think they were bad, but I do see how it doesn't quite fit with the direction they took things.)

Geez why does this have to get so ugly, we were only asked for our opinion no need to start fighting and name calling . . .

Unfortunately it is what people do. Everyone has an "opinion" and plenty of rudess which shows the sorry state of their inner nature. Don't sweat it.

From what I've seen/read/reviewed, the iOS7 "borrows" quite a bit from BB10. If you also consider that Apple has now secured app development just as Blackberry, you're left with an iPhone that does what a Blackberry does and has the security of a Blackberry. They say that copying is the sincerest form of flattery, in this case I'm sure that the people @ Blackberry are not feeling "flattered." So, this is more of a "knock out blow" for Blackberry. "The King is dead, long live the King" seems appropriate - the "torch" has now been effectively passed from Blackberry to Apple.

I did not like it.

I skipped the original Android on Tmobile because (aside from the chin on the phone) i didn't like Android's flat ugly icons. I bought a palm pre specifically because it had shine, gloss, and sheen just like apple's look. I ended up hating Webos. Android did get a bit glossier icons and stuff. That said i wanted an iphone for games, ipod, and the looks. I hated windows, text based zune interface, i hated the flat colored tiles of windows. I dislike it so much that after 13 years of being on windows i'm going back to Apple. So when i saw the extreme flat windowsish, androidish looked i didn't like it. It's not my cup of tea.

I don't mind borrowing from competitors. But my gut says Steve Jobs NEVER would have like this design look. Parts of it are ok but it looks to white to me.

my one fear as that they ruin the music player. I love my ipod, i've had plenty. I've got ahuge music library. I have a 64 gb iphone, the sucky pre music player was a huge reason i left, and i've got about 135 gbs of music, it's hip-hop, jazz, r&b, blues, rock, pop. And most in albums, but i do have tons of singles. I play music daily. much more than i do anything. I even have a car cradle and my car wired to use the ipod on the phone. So i pray they don't screw up the organization.

For example, my music is organized by genre. And there's literally hundreds of albums in some genre's and 5 to 10 thousand songs. With my old pre, you'd pick genre, and it would give you a list of songs: 10k hiphop songs alphabetically. unusable, unscrollable. What i love about my iphone is you pick hiphop it goes, to the artist, then the album, the a small list of songs on that album. much better organization. Plus i have a good idea of what song is on what album, but i'm old enough to have bought records and cds. i listened to full albums so i've no clue what some song names are just the albums they are on. like i listened to Kendrick Lamar, i know like 3 song names, but i know the whole album cause i listened to it as an album, front to back. So if i want to find a specific song in a list of 10k and it's not one of the 3 i know by name i'll never find it. so i hope they keep it organized well. Then i can deal with aestetic changes.

Was hoping WWDC would be the jumping point back to iOS, but not impressed with iOS 7 design and no new hardware means a decent screen and functionality still lags behind Samsung. Maybe 2015?

I know this is way out there, but maybe since people hate change apple is throwing out an outlandish design so they can dial it back somewhat for final release so that the response is "whew, that's better" rather than "ugh, I don't like the new icons"?

I can't imagine them doing this, but I also can't believe this new design came from sir jony . . seems like they've moved from iconic to icon-ick.

New to iPhone 5, not sure about the change in icons, kind of liked the look on the phone now. Just watched a video from a dev download of IOS 7, it was leggy, I'm sure it was due to it being dev only version. Like the quick settings from flicking up from bottom. I'm still hoping on a new swipe keyboard, being a long time Android hacker it is a must. Bing just totally sucks, no reason to settle for 2nd best, that isn't looking out for the IOS user, Bing is the worst, hope there is a choice. Apple seems to do things to try to hurt Google when in reality it just hurts IOS. Hoping for a file management system so iTunes isn't a must for everything you do. Hoping for the best and one final point, hoping Apple can loosen up on all its tite ass restrictions, there are so many possibilities.
Thanks, Vinny

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They've surely made one helluva ugly duckling of a home screen !
That's the problem with too much intellectualism within the creative domain.

Bottom line - iPhone 5 design is outdated.
You only need to walk down the isle of new breed of phones to realize how outdated the whole OS / Hardware marriage really looks like.

Double click what ? ESP when the home button responds like a petulant child after few months of use.

I'd rather have a dedicated multitasking app icon to manage background apps... That's a whole new conversation.
Sorry but not impressed mr Ivey.

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Registered Developer with slots available for anyone who wants to update to iOS 7! Comparatively small donation requested via PayPal. Email me at nalakrub1 at Google for more details.

I upgraded my iPhone on Monday, and overall am very happy with iOS 7. I agree that the colors are too bright, and hope that a BW option will be available in settings before it goes gold. The important things like Control Center, Daily view while locked, security features preventing activation or wipe without iCloud password, pages within folders so I don't need multiple games and productivity folders, and losing the cheesy skew-morphic crap that plagued the platform far outweigh my hatred of the color palate. I even like the simpler icons, although they take a little getting used to.
Once they get a more reasonable color palate I think a lot of the bitching will go away. Until then, developers have tons of great new APIs to integrate, and Apple has a ton of buzz about the redesign.

Liking the feature set offered but have some BIG reservations that will probably have me not upgrading to iOS7

First: I really don't like the new Icons at all. They take a phone designed for adults and make it look like a "Fisher Price" toy. In fact my 6yr old has a V-Tech Innotab and the whole look of iOS7 could have been taken from their "learning lodge navigator" software for kids. I keep expecting a rainbow and a fluffy unicorn to feature in the screen somewhere. Sorry guys but the new icons are a massive fail for me and are a deal breaker that will stop me upgrading

Secondly: Since Steve sadly passed away, all of the Apple hardware "developments" have me completely underwhelmed. In fact not a single new release has ever enthralled me enough to change up from a standard iPhone 4. But I'm willing to place money down that iOS7 will make my currently spritely phone run like a bag of spanners. Especially with the parallax running all the time. Perhaps that's the point perhaps maybe Apple needs us to upgrade our phones by forcing them to become sluggish.

Seems that post Steve Apple has lost it's way and sorry Mr Ives I just don't believe the hype and rhetoric in the very softly spoken patronising speech. I'm 40 not 4 and I hate your kindergarden style icons

The thing that bothers me most is that the look does not reflect the look and feel of the iPhone. Since the iPhone 4 they tried to achieve a sleek, proffesional look and now have lost it completely. The contrast of the display with my black iPhone will be quite ridiculous.

Its terrible. I hate it! Yall should make an option when you update it if you want the new look or the old one. Te bew one if aweful and i know alot of people who are going to be forced to update to the new one so they can get apps they want, So please, im begging you, to please use my idea.

Am i the only one who notices that 90% of the comments are talking about how much we hate it then you look at the pole and its saying people love it i think somethings wrong with this picture.

If this is the best Jony Ive can do i say fire him and hire someone else even a 3rd grader can do better on the apps. I have used it and they suck way to bright and for what ? A slicker notification screen and radio. I will stick to IOS 6 on my iPhone 5 and will not upgrade until they fix the crap icons and whole theme. Why cant they give us customization on the setting to change the screen the way we like it ?. Really

Bottomline: Childish Icons, No Active Background, No Active Icons, Battery will drain Faster due to the bright screen. Microsoft was more creeative for the first time.

It looks like it was designed for an 8 year old girl, it's childish & will alienate business customers, not to mention that you can't limit the number of emails downloaded from web email accounts! Worst iOS EVER!

This is garbage. Who ever likes this abomination of girly pastels and fluorescents is gay, and any graphic designer that thinks this is balanced, consistent and fits the Apple user base as a whole needs to go back to school or move to a different profession. I'm afraid for anyone to walk by me and see my screen if I'm using my phone. iOS7's design was a big win for Android that's for sure because if I was using Android I'd be making fun of this crap as well. I really wish I hadn't downgraded from iOS6 because I'm guessing it isn't possible to upgrade back to it. Either they fix this crap and start really innovating again or I'm moving over to Android or Windows. My Surface Pro already won me over my toyish iPad 4, which I returned after never using it again. I will do it again unless they get their balls back into the nutsack.

I feel as though I am using a child's toy phone. I can not stand to look at my phone. The colors and the way the apps look are horrible!

Hate it, hate it, hate it........
Complained to Apple and the genius asked me to get all my friends to complain to Apple rather than just moan so that changes can be forced as he hated it too.....he actually advised me to jailbreak my ipad......
Basically my ipad is going away until they fix this and if they don't it's being sold. The iPhone I was going to get has now been placed on hold too.
I literally hate it and it's screwed up some of my files and games too which I know is a developer problem but surely Apple should make sure all Apps that it has on the App Store works with any new iOS before releasing it?!
Horrible :-(