Blurrycam image purports to be a Logitech G-Series gamepad for iPhone 5

Logitech already makes some great accessories for iOS devices, and if this blurrycam image is to be believed, it looks like they might have an iPhone 5 gamepad on the way. This image acquired by the folks at Kotaku, purports to be a future G-Series gaming add-on for the iPhone 5 complete with Lightning port, D-Pad and four physical buttons.

One of the many features not specifically mentioned during the WWDC 2013 keynote is iOS 7 support for MFi game controllers. The iPhone 5 is capable of running some truly outstanding games, but many still yearn for the feel of a physical controller over touchscreen controls. While this leaked image doesn't give us anything concrete, it does at least build a little excitement for what could be headed our way down the line. Anyone else liking the look of this one?

Source: Kotaku

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Reader comments

Blurrycam image purports to be a Logitech G-Series gamepad for iPhone 5


Why has it taken so long for something like this (or did I miss stuff already available?). I NEED hardware buttons for any serious gaming.

What is MFi?

It stands for "Made For iPhone." This would be the first of its kind to be made specifically for iPhone. I think the most I've seen as far as physical controls so far is a joystick that attaches to the screen.

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Really need something like this to take gaming to the next level. Touchscreens are good for some games but awful for many others. A standard device that devs can use would be fantastic!

I'm more looking forward to seeing the standalone controllers - I don't plan on buying a controller that my phone fits into if they aren't adjustable for different models/sizes of iPhone, and I don't know if you could use the controller style shown above for both iPhone and iPad, but I would imagine a standalone controller would be able to.

This is just too bulky, I can't even type in landscape comfortably and Logitech wants to make the phone longer, no thank you, I'll just get a BladePad.

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The whole point is that you wouldn't use the on screen controls with something like this, so why does typing in landscape apply? You would use the controls on either end with your left and right hands like a PSP or something.

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Presumably you'd only be using this while gaming. Not typing texts or checking Facebook, or cramming it into your pocket.