In case you forgot, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c go on sale September 20

Just in case any of you forgot, Apple has today reminded the world that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c go on general sale this coming Friday, September 20. Retail Stores will open at 8:00am local time in launch countries, with online sales beginning at 12:01am PDT. Nothing new there, but it's nice to be reminded sometimes.

The iPhone 5c has of course already gone on pre-order for online buyers, but anyone who wants to get one the old fashioned way will be joining the line with iPhone 5s buyers. If you're heading out on Friday morning, where are you headed, and what will you be buying?

Check out the full press release from Apple at the source link below.

Source: Apple

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In case you forgot, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c go on sale September 20


Will Apple retail stores (in Canada) be selling the UNLOCKED iPhone 5s on the 20th? As last year they did not sell the unlocked iPhone 5 on the first day available in retail stores.

How quick is the shipping usually? Like if I am one of the lucky ones to order a 5s online at 12:01PDT on Sept 20, how long does it take to deliver typically? (I am in the US)

It should tell you when you order. The problem here is that they don't have pre-orders, so the ship dates will probably move fast into multi-week delays.

I feel that since I can't preorder the 5s I'm gonna go to the galaxy note 3 :/ real hurts to do this I LOVE apple . Hope they can get me an iPhone on launch day :) or else I'm jumpin ship :/

Get your Galaxy 3 loving on, because unless you're camping out now, I doubt you'll get a 5s on launch day.

I don't see the logic in that either. That would be like buying a PC and finding out that the latest operating system wasn't available until a few days later, so you go buy an Apple PC.

To me, it seems more like,"I need a phone NOW but I'm willing to wait as long as launch day - not weeks after launch day because 1) apple didn't allow pre-orders and 2) I wasn't willing or able to camp in front of a store."

IMHO, if you're going to jump platforms and dump all your apps, etc., because you can't get the latest and greatest, you should switch now and save yourself the stress.

What I'm curious to know, if you order online when sales open Friday morning, will "pick up in store" be an option? I was planning to wait in line, but it'll be pointless if the 5s sells out before I even make it into the store.

Apple is one of the only companies i could actually imagine purposefully not having enough in order to have the image of massive demand. Like a nightclub keeping a line for passers by. I don't think they need it. They'll sell fine. But, i wouldn't put it past them.

I bought my 4s like a month or so after launch and they still had long waits online for reservations. I walked into my sprint store not even intending to buy that day, I asked, "hey how long till you get them in the 32s and 64gbs" He was like, "hell we got plenty in back if you want one now." They had not backlog of orders (except i think the black smallest capacity which he said they got in daily).

In a related point it was interesting too when i used to be a heavy tech investor that for a while, shortages for were seen as good and proof of strong demand. But by the 4 launch investors started seeing shortages not as a positive sign of demand but a negative sign that Apple was unable to meat all the demand and was leaving money on the table. They saw it as proof of an inefficient supply chain and a chink in the armor of, as you put it, the logistics master. Many figured, look by now they should have sorted it out. But always think it's a trip the how different people, say the apple investor vs. the apple phone enthusiast, look at the same circumstance and depending on their perspective conclude it's positive or negative

Well, it's kind of lose lose. Long lines, not enough phones, "Apple's not able to produce enough to meet demand, they're losing it". No lines due to preorders "Apple's overproduced, no one's buying, they're losing it". I imagine they're better able to spin not enough phones and long lines vs. oversupply.