How to fix iOS 7 activation errors, get off expired betas, and get onto the release version

The iOS 7 betas have now expired, which means anyone still running one won't be able to use their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and won't even be able to get past Activation if they try. That's the reality of betas, and why only developers should be using them. But, stuff happens, people get stuck, and even developers can forget they're running betas. So, if your iOS 7 beta expired - whether you know it or not - and if you're experiencing activation errors, what can you do? Easy, just update to the release version of iOS 7. And luckily, iMore told you how to do it weeks ago.

You can try just updating first, you can try downloading the firmware files on your own, you can try an automatic restore, and all else failing, you can try a DFU restore. Here are the details:

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How to fix iOS 7 activation errors, get off expired betas, and get onto the release version


You don't actually need to restore. Just download the file, ALT click the Update button and pick the ipsw file. This will save you some steps and some frustration.

First of all, you can't "just update" because the beta doesn't recognize a newer version is available. Second this killed us over the weekend, so don't forget the 2 steps that is missing above: you have to log into and remove the device from your cloud (or disable Find my Phone if you can get into it), and delete the beta ipsw file from your Mac. And I don't think anyone with beta has a PC tethered to the device, do they?

Hey when the update for IO7 it won't let me log onto my imessege wont let me get on that or facetime, it will let me send and get text messgee just not I messege even did what everyone told me to I have my password right it let me log into my iTunes but not imessege didn't know whay fix it or should go to the apple store any ideas?