Apple releases fix for Gmail problems in Mavericks Mail

Apple has released an update that fixes some bugs with Gmail. The update fixes the following issues, according to an Apple support article:

  • Fixes an issue that prevents deleting, moving, and archiving messages for users with custom Gmail settings
  • Addresses an issue that may cause unread counts to be inaccurate
  • Includes additional fixes that improve the compatibility and stability of Mail

You can download the update by going to the Mac App Store and navigating to the Updates section, then clicking Update.

Source: Apple Support article

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Reader comments

Apple releases fix for Gmail problems in Mavericks Mail


Won't show up in my updates, and when I try to download the installer, says "this disk does not meet the requirements"

Are either of you running the GM instead of the actual release version? Go to About This Mac from the Apple menu to make sure. Then click where it says "Version 10.9."

Is it Build 13A603 or a different version number? 13A603 is the general release; anything earlier is either the GM or a beta.

Also, did you apply the Mavericks Mail fix that was posted by Apple to the Mac Dev Center, for developers? The public mail fix won't make any changes to that version, either.

Hm, seems I am on the GM version (13A598)... (our programming guy used my laptop for some beta testing of our in-house software, seems he left me with the GM on my machine, I definitely did not install it).

So, I tried to install 10.9 from the App Store to fix the issue, but it comes back with this:

"OS X v10.9 is already installed on this computer. Use the Updates page to install the 10.9 update or if you would like to download the full OS X installer click Continue."

Needless to say, the Updates page does not contain a 10.9 update... and now? Will I have to download the full installer, and if I do so, will it retain my settings and data, or will it be a fresh install?

That's normal. Click continue, it'll download the 10.9 release app, which you can use to reinstall over the top of your current installation. It will keep all of your settings, I did this just today to a couple of machines.

Some people, including myself, prefer to deal with mail in a client. I HATE using webmail, it breaks my work flow especially when organizing mail, composing long complex mails, and not finishing or sending them right away etc.

Because I like Google services and Gmail usually works great for me with clients. Or is there some hidden clause stating that for one to use Google services including gmail, one must agree to use webmail.

Yea, it's kind of a night and day productivity difference for me.

While I didn't have some of the problems I was reading about, I'm REALLY glad to see this update. Mostly for me, it just wasn't very aggressive in checking for new messages, and didn't always properly move things. It seems to be working pretty well now.

Webmail sucks, all of them. It doesn't matter if it's a Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. all webmail blows. I'd rather just get the email through a client on my system.

This doesn't fix the IMAP problem I and others are having.
We're still getting authentication errors.

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