iPhone 3G in in the Wild and Un-boxed... in Portugal?!

iPhone 3G in the wild and unboxed in Portugal!

Not so fast New Zealand, turns out some NDA/do-not-open violating Portuguese iPhone-luster got his or her hands on the first iPhone 3G! (outside of Steve Jobs and Walt Mossberg, 'natch!) Apple Store insider? Carrier higher-up? Who knows -- and who cares -- we just want the pics! (Actually, we just want the iPhone 3G ourselves!

Check out the photos via the read link, if the Portuguese interwebs don't come crashing to their knees under the load...


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G in in the Wild and Un-boxed... in Portugal?!


That plastic back is going to be a ***** to keep clean and unfingerprinty... It looks like the poster needs to wash the fried chicken grease (or whatever food they fry in Portugal) off his hands before taking his pictures! lol

El Jobso and Moishe are not doubt even now using advanced Apple imaging tech to blow up and run the fingerprint through Interpol. Expect a no-knock on the door any time now, un-box-tard! :)

Wow, the black is sooo dirty! I mean... I plan on getting a protective case for it so maybe it doesn't matter? But seeing this picture is like torture!!! I can't take it! Won't Friday get here sooner?!?