Multiply: Yet Another Social Network for iPhone


Quick, someone throw me a life jacket. I'm drowning in a sea of social networks! I've actually lost count of the exact number in existence, but it has to be in the hundreds by now.

Well you can add another bookmark to your overflowing list of socials. This one goes by the name Multiply, who has developed a web-based social networking application for the iPhone. One feature that differentiates Multiply from other networks is that it integrates Media-Sharing Capabilities into its service rather than act just as a web frontend for text, like so many other services - Twitter, I'm casting an eye in your direction.

Among the list of things you can do with Multiply...

  • View blog entries, videos, photos, reviews, events, and more from friends and friends-of-friends
  • Customize settings to determine who can see posted photos, videos, and blog entries
  • Add comments and replies to blogs, videos, photos, etc.
  • Invite new users to join Multiply
  • Visit "group" sites to see content based on common interests



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Everett says:

> Multiply, who has developed a web-based social networking application for the iPhone
Actually, Multiply is also a full-featured service when used in your desktop browser (and has been around for upwards of three years now).
But the iPhone interface is, indeed, new. :)

admin#IM says:

Thanks for clarifying, Everett. Great service by the way.