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space gray

Retina iPad mini: Silver vs. space gray gallery

While the new Retina iPad mini certainly looks a lot like last year's original, Apple has switched out the old, scratch and chip-prone slate gray color for an all new, all-the-more resilient, space gray finish. It also matches the space gray options for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, if that sort of uniformity matters to you. The faceplates, white vs. black are obviously the most striking differences, and those haven't changed, but if you're still trying to make up your mind, wondering how different silver is from space, or space from slate on the new iPad mini with Retina display, here's gallery.

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iPad Air photo gallery: Silver and Space Gray!

The iPad Air is Apple's latest and greatest full sized tablet offering. It comes equipped with an Apple A7 processor and weighs in at only a pound, making it ultra light and responsive. We'll have more on performance in our full review but for now, if you're undecided on what color iPad Air you'd like and want to see both models side by side as well as how it stacks up to other iPad models, follow along and check out our image gallery!

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Space Gray iPad Air hands-on photo gallery

It's here! Since the UK is in the future, we've got our hands on our very own iPad Air in the fetching Space Gray color we're now so fond of. This is literally fresh out of the box, and we'll be back with a ton of content throughout the day, but we figured you might be interested in a few snapshots! And, just for comparisons sakes, there's also a couple showing the iPad Air side-by-side with it's predecessor.

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Space gray the most popular iPhone 5s color

The space gray iPhone 5s appears to have been the most popular model in the United States in the first month after launch. The silver model was the second most popular, while gold was third. Though the iPhone 5s has been difficult to find for many, the silver and gold models have faced greater supply constraints than the space gray model, contributing to its popularity. This data comes from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, by way of MacRumors:

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Space Gray iPad mini reportedly hitting store shelves now

Announced as the replacement for the black and slate iPad mini at Tuesday's event in San Francisco, the new Space Gray version is reportedly now going on sale in some Apple Retail Stores. The new color went on sale immediately after the event online, but has now a few days later reportedly started hitting physical shelves.

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Purported iPad 5 photos show off new space gray finish

Some high quality photos of what's purportedly the next-generation iPad 5 have surfaced, and they show off the same space gray finish Apple introduced with the iPhone 5s back in September. The photos, including the above image, were posted by Sonny Dickson:

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iPhone 5s photo comparison: Gold, Silver, and Space Gray!

The iPhone 5s comes in three color variants; Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. We've managed to get our hands on all three models and the first order of business was to take tons of photos of all of them in all their aluminium glory. Whether you're still waiting for your iPhone 5s to arrive or just can't decide on which color to go with, we've got tons of photos to help you decide, including tons of the hard to find gold edition!

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The difference between the Space Gray iPhone 5s and the black iPhone 5

One of the number one questions/comments I've had this morning since picking up the Space Gray iPhone 5s; does it/it doesn't look any different to the black and slate iPhone 5. Well, yes it does. See the difference in color for yourselves.

Does this change your opinion of it at all?

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Space gray iPhone 5s gallery

Here it is; the Space Gray iPhone 5s. Having queued outside in the cold British weather, I now have in my possession a brand shiny new iPhone 5s in black and gray. The Space Gray is actually quite a handsome beast, so before any reviews, before even turning it on and activating, here's a few quick hands on snaps for your viewing pleasure.

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Gold vs. silver vs. space gray: Which iPhone 5S color should you get?

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2013 iPhone buyers guide: How to choose the perfect gold/white, silver/white, or space gray/black iPhone 5s for you!

Color is one of the most visually distinctive - and personal - things about a new iPhone, which makes it one of the most important choices you'll have to make. Originally there was only one color, aluminum and black, but Apple eventually went to black and white, and now they're offering three choices for their high-end iPhone 5s: silver and gold, silver and white, and space gray and black. (The space gray and black replaces last year's slate and black, likely because it's an easier color to anodize). If you're on the fence about which color you should get, here's what you should consider.

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