Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion for Mac goes Gold Master

Apple has just released the Gold Master (GM) version of their upcoming Mac software update, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Previewed to media and developers earlier in the year, and shown off to the public at WWDC 2012, Mountain Lion brings even more of the iPad and iOS experience back to the Mac, including renamed Contacts and Calendar apps, and new Reminders, Dictation, AirPlay, Game Center, and Notification Center, and unique features like PowerNap and Gatekeeper.

A final release data is still uncertain, with Apple having mentioned only "July" by way of timeline. Typically a Gold Master means developers will have time to test and look for show stoppers, but if everything is good to go, we could be only a couple of weeks away.

If you're a developer, you can grab the OS X Mountain Lion GM now via (opens in new tab)

Rene Ritchie

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  • WOOT!!
  • Since it has gone GM is there a way to install it if your a non developer similar to iOS gm builds?
  • No. It is illegal to pirate an operating system. Just wait for the release date. Its coming out this month anyways/
  • you can torrent it if you want just to test it out but once the OS drops on that day, you might get locked out of your mac so back up everything before the release date draws close and also revert back to lion just so you dont have horror stories to tell haha
  • So does this mean that OS X Mountain Lion will be released in a week or so? I read that the rumored date is July 19th or July 20th cause last year OS X Lion was released on July 20th.
  • My guess is release in 2 weeks... give or take a couple days.
  • I'm kinda hoping they will then also update the iMac line and the Mac minis…! They're both due for a speed bump and some USB 3.0 goodness so maybe they plan to release a few updated models to go hand in hand with the official launch of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion… We've been planning to purchase a few new iMacs and mins for a while now but since they both haven't been updated during WWDC I'm speculating the now could be the time -- whaddaya think…?!
  • By the way and slightly off-topic -- where did all the comment field goodness disappear…?! Wasn't there like some kind of toolbar to be able to edit text and all that…?! And speaking of editing, we still can't edit comments…?!
  • pss pss pss... here Mountain Lion... pss pss pss :P