If you love all things Apple, then you might just want your desk to sing it out loudly and proudly. If that's the case, then check out these awesome desk accessories that enhance and complete the Apple aesthetic.

Twelve South BookArc

Let's start with an accessory that's useful, Apple-inspired, minimalist, and useful.

The BookArc is simply a stand for your MacBook. It's perfect for when you're not using your MacBook or when you're using it in closed clamshell mode with your favorite keyboard, mouse, and monitor. At $50, this elegant stand isn't cheap, but it certainly fits in with all things Apple. Comes in space gray, silver, or gold.

elago W3 stand

If you're sitting at home or at the office, chances are you don't really need to be wearing your Apple Watch. That's where this cute, vintage-inspired stand comes from. elago's W3 stand is made to look like a classic Mac monitor, and it evens features a cutout and hold for your charger and USB cable, so you can juice your Apple Watch up and use it in Nightstand mode.

The W3 is only $10 at Amazon and comes in white or black.

Designed by Apple in California book

Now, you'd want to be a real Apple fanatic for this one, since it's essentially a coffee table book showcasing Apple's design throughout the years. It contains 450 images in 300 pages, and it's priced at $299 for the 13x16 version or $199 for the 10x13.

If you're deep into your Apple fandom or are buying for someone who is, then you or they will love just how detailed and minimalist these photos are (kind of oxymoronic, no?).

iMac lamp (iMac G4)

This lamp is actually handmade from an old iMac G4 computer. If there's a Mac lover in your life or you are one, and you have a particular affinity for nostalgia, then this is the perfect complement to your desk space.

The lamp is very well-reviewed on Etsy, and it ships simply via USPS. Priced at $145, this is an awesome bespoke addition to your office.

Steampunk Industrial Robot Pipe desk lamp

If you're an Apple lover with a whimsical side, then check out this adorable, WALL-E-esque desk lamp, which also features an AC power outlet and USB outlets, so you can charge your Apple devices while lighting your workspace.

The optional Apple Apple Watch charger lets you have all of your devices right there with you, making this a fantastic multi-purpose desk accessory.

It starts at $199 for the basic lamp without the Apple Watch charger or 1-foot USB cable. $259 gets you the Apple Watch charger and USB cable together.

Mac clock (made from Apple G4)

Let's face it: Clocks and watches are more for aesthetics now than function. If you're sitting in front of your Mac all day, then you needn't really look up to check the time, but this clock made from G4 parts is a cool handmade accent for your office. It's made from the front cover of a G4 with mirrored drive doors and it includes the single AA battery required to power it.

At only $39, this makes an awesome gift, and it's really very little to ask for something handmade. Since it's made from recycled parts, you may notice wear and age, which makes yours all the more unique to you.

iTacks (Apple keyboard key thumb tacks)

If you have a bulletin board, then it isn't complete without these cool thumb tacks made from recycled Apple keyboard keys. For $22, you'll get five random keys (or you can request specific ones if they're available), which are attached to heavy duty thumb tacks.

iPhone patent print

Add a little more flair to your workspace with a print of the iPhone patent, starting at $4.50 (pricing depends on your size preference). You can grab one as a 5x7 all the way up to 18x24, and you can choose the primary color, so it can look like the patent is on a chalkboard or you can go with a blueprint, vintage paper, parchment, or others.

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