Comic: Those Mac to School Blues

i cant in good conscience tell him to pay full price for such

but i know he needs more ports than the 12" macbook has...

and i do not want to tell him to get an ipad pro only to find out it doesn't work with some ancient software he needs for a class!


this is fine.

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  • The humor of this one went over my head. I don't know any students who would consider a Macbook Air or Pro to be too old for school...and I'm not that far removed from being a college student.
  • I think it is because the current computers are 'almost a year old' and we expect new versions of the computer to be released soon.
  • Hmm okay. That's a fair point.
  • iPad != Computer. I can't install from anywhere, nor can I get a file manager. The iPad is *waaaaaay* too stripped down to be a computer. It's good for what it is, but a computer can do leaps and bounds more. It's a smart car. Just enough to get by, until you need to do some heavy lifting, then you get a truck/computer. I think instead of "some ancient software", you should've said "Something that requires things that can't be shoehorned into Apple's ecosystem" or "Something that needs USB access". See hospital equipment that needs USB/Ethernet. See someone who wants to use an ecosystem other than Apple's, and not be treated like a 2nd class citizen because of it. I like my iPhone, and I know the "security" stance hinders on no 3rd party/filemanager, but I can't see recommending an iPad instead of a computer, as they're two different devices. There's substantial overlap, but not enough to say one could replace the other.
  • The iPad is a computer, even if it doesn't do everything that everyone needs it to.
  • It is a device that computes, it is not a computer. That's like saying a splint is a cast. A computer in the common usage does the things I say in my comment above. A computer in the technically correct usage, is anything that computes. So, I can give you that you have the dictionary definition, and I'm using the usage everyone means in common usage, not Apple's marketing speak.
  • I don't see how an iPad isn't a computer. You brought up USB and file manager. Those aren't necessary to be a computer.
  • For what everyone colloquially calls a computer, those are needed. It's too inconvenient to be locked in to specific ways of doing things. Again, yes, technically, iPads are computers, in kinda the same way an abacus is. They are in no way a permanent replacement for a desktop/laptop.
  • Lots of people have replaced their laptops with tablets.
  • Because they don't need that functionality. It's like saying lots of people replaced their helicopters with bicycles. Both are good for short distances, but not long. Some people need long distances/the ability to carry more than a bike can.
  • It's still a computer, regardless of how you try to say it isn't. You can't keep repeating about USB/Ethernet and file managers all day and you'll still be wrong. You can keep coming up with bad analogies, and you'll still be wrong. The iPad is a computer, and for a lot of people it is a laptop replacement.
  • That's because those people didn't need a computer, they needed an iPad. The analogies are good, whether or not the koolaid has you thinking they're bad, when Steve Jobs himself said touchscreens are a bad idea for a laptop/laptop like device (mainly the angles you need to put your hand in to use it). So, in a way, Steve Jobs said an iPad != a (colloquial) computer.
  • Based on the definition from websters: (Computers) an electronic device for performing calculations automatically. It consists of a clock to provide voltage pulses to synchronize the operations of the devices within the computer, a central processing unit, where the arithmetical and logical operations are performed on data, a random-access memory, where the programs and data are stored for rapid access, devices to input data and output results, and various other peripheral devices of widely varied function, as well as circuitry to support the main operations. This means that an iPad is a computer, and an abacus is not
  • Did you not see where I said it's a computer I the technical definition, not the colloquial/common definition? I'll give you the abacus isn't, but it used to count as it's a device that computes, and stores data (albeit not any large amount). In the colloquial/common usage, the iPad is not a computer. Remember when Steve Jobs said he wouldn't do a touchscreen laptop because the angles aren't right? Are we ignoring his ideas as he's the one who brought Apple back from the brink?
  • Steve Jobs said a lot of things. You still haven't given a good reason why the iPad isn't a computer. Yet I could give plenty of examples of where people replace their laptops with this thing and get their computing work done.
  • I have given you good reasons, they're just not good enough for you. People can't always shoehorn their programs to work in Apple's world. You don't own the OS, and are prevented from customizing. Why can't I pick what's I my control center shortcuts? Airplane mode isn't really needed, but I'd love to have my VPN switch there. I can't multitask the same as on a colloquially defined computer. You seem to be missing my statements that I agree people are replacing laptops with iPads. What I'm saying is, those people never needed a laptop, they needed an iPad from the start. Steve Jobs said lots of things, and if it wasn't for what be said/did, Apple would've been done I the 90's. So I'd take what he said over the current stuff Cook is doing. Cook+Ives are way better than Sculley, but Jobs knew what he was talking about.
  • Correct. And my phone is a computer. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • And if you attach a keyboard and mouse your phone, via Bluetooth, then HDMI out to a TV? According to this guy, just use a monitor with USB on it and you have a full computer. Because his needs are USB ports and a file manager.
  • Yes. An Android tablet could do more, since it has a file manager and alike. See RemixOS. I was just talking about iOS before, which doesn't do everything a Windows/Mac/Linux/BSD computer does, but is enough for some people. Also, the down votes because of disagreement are hilarious. Not sure if that's supposed to stop me or what.
  • And I wasn't arguing it does everything the Windows computer does. But not doing as much doesn't make it "not a computer". It's like when people try to say "can it run photoshop", and you have to wonder how well BSD machines run photoshop (not really, they don't).
  • The iPad is a computer. A gameboy is a computer. A mobile phone is a computer. They all compute. Why is there such an argument going on here about a dictionary definition where the meaning of the word is in the name?
  • Well, I was saying in the modern day vernacular, it is not a computer in the sense a Mac is. They are both devices that compute, but a Mac is more capable in the software area, while an iPad is more portable.
  • People using a word wrong doesn't mean much.
  • Today it's wrong, tomorrow it's the new definition. Are you the one who says it's not Jello, it's a gelatin dessert? Does being *technically* correct mean that much to you? Show people a computer tower, and most will call it a computer, not a computer tower. By your definition, the iPad is just as much a computer as a calculator, I think that's something we can agree on.
  • By my definition, an iPad is as much a computer as a laptop. Don't put words in my mouth. You mentioned calculators, not me. Another guy mentioned "things that compute", not me.
  • *Mac product line in flames* "This is fine."
  • Seriously Apple is helping sell Windows laptops.
  • I don't see how. I see more people with Macs each day in educational establishments