Digital Offers: CrossOver 15 will help you run your Windows software on Mac for only $20!

Certain Windows programs are versatile and innovative in their own ways, but running them on your Mac computer can be a bit of a hastle. Users either have to buy a Windows license, try rebooting, or use a virtual machine to access Windows software, games, and more on their Mac computer.

Using a program to smoothly run things like your Windows applications, utility programs, and more can get confusing, which is why CrossOver 15 streamlines the process, making running your Windows programs as easy as pie!

Crossover allows users to run multiple Windows applications on your Mac computer as if you were using apps and software designed specifically by Apple. Whether it's games, productivity software, or almost anything else connected to Windows, Crossover allows integrating both Windows and Apple software without the migraine normally attached.

For CrossOver 15, you would normally have to pay $39.95 for the program, but with iMore Digital Offers, you'll pay nearly half the price at $19.99 – and if you're a Linux user, you can get the same deal for the exact same price!

With CrossOver 15, you can install Windows-specific applications on your Mac computer in a few clicks, operate Windows software without any limited performance, launch your Windows applications directly from your Mac's dock, and even mesh your Mac and Windows programming seamlessly with your desktop set up.

So let CrossOver 15 (and iMore Digital Offers!) do the work (and save you some money in the process!)

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