Wednesday morning we high-tailed it over to Moscone West to pick up our Macworld|iWorld media badges -- the big honking necklaces that grant us access to all the events we want to cover for you. Once those were squared away, we ran back to the hotel to edit the photos and videos from the MacBreak Weekly trip.

Once all of that was uploaded and posted, we got on the road and pointed ourselves towards Cupertino. Apple headquarters is about 90 minutes south of San Francisco. Nestled in the small town of Cupertino, it occupies not only what's traditionally thought of as the Apple campus, but now spills over into adjacent buildings and parts of town. That growing lack of space is no doubt a big part of the reason Apple's building a new, spaceship-style mothership.

Visitor's parking was packed, but we caught someone leaving and managed to score a space. Then we dashed into the Company Store.

Picture an Apple Store, and then add to it Apple branded clothing -- shirts, caps, jackets, etc. -- as well as pens and pencils, mugs and umbrellas, keychains and notebooks. Some things are playful "Siri, remind me to wash this shirt", or "This is the most amazing shirt we've ever made". Most just has a single, tasteful Apple logo. The Company Store is the only place in the world where you can get them, so if you're ever in the area and want a piece of Apple-cana, make sure you stop by.

We took the scenic way back, driving along the coast so Martin could take his trademark "The Stance" self-portraits along the beaches and cliffs.

Once back we met up with some fellow bloggers and friends for drinks, then briefly checked out Macworld|iWorld's media reception, then headed off to the Smile party. Smile, who makes TextExpander and PDF Pen was celebrating 10 years as a company.

There were a ton more fellow media types there, but also some longtime fans. Meeting you guys, the people who read and listen and watch and comment and participate, is the absolute best part of Macworld|iWorld and one of the major reasons I love coming to this even in particular every year.

Today the Macworld|iWorld expo opens its doors. Martin and I will be covering it as best we can for you. I'll also be on a panel called iCloud, App Stores, and other Things To Fear: Has Apple Forgotten Power Users? hosted by Macworld's Lex Friedman, with John Gruber, Paul Kafasis, and Matthew Panzarino at 1pm.

Should be a fun day. If you're here, please do say hi. If you're following along, please let me know what you want to see.