OWC announces pre-orders for 1 and 2 TB Aura SSD Mac Pro upgrades

If you own a 2013 Mac Pro and want to increase the storage on your desktop, OWC has announced new high capacity SSD upgrades. The SSDs will be available in either 1 TB or 2 TB capacities and are up for pre-orders at this time. Both drives come with all the tools needed for the DIY upgrade along with a kit to re-purpose the SSD that ships in your Mac into a portable USB 3.0 drive.

With the announcement, OWC becomes the first to offer an easy, cost-effective DIY solution for upgrading the capacity of the 2013 Mac Pro. Custom engineered specifically for the 2013 Mac Pro and fully tested for compatibility, speed and reliability, the new Aura SSD for Mac Pro delivers the capacity and performance Mac Pro users need for high-speed production workflows in audio, film, photo, and graphics.

According to OWC, the 1 TB SSD will go for $899 and the 2 TB version will sell for $1,449.

The estimated ship date for the drive is 2 to 3 weeks.

Source: OWC

Chuong H Nguyen