Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch

Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch

Apple has hired the sales director for Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer. The man was apparently hired to help launch Apple's long-rumored iWatch, thought by many to be coming this fall. The unnamed executive left TAG Heuer last week Jean-Claude Biver, head of watch brands for TAG Heuer's parent company LVMH, believes that this has to do with how Apple will market the watch, according to CNBC:

Apple's plans to hire Swiss watch experts are an attempt to market its product as "Swiss made", which senior luxury goods analyst at Bernstein, Mario Ortelli, said is a label that is synonymous with quality when it comes to watches.

Apple, along with other tech companies, is said to have been trying to hire Swiss watchmakers and watch executives for wearable projects. How would you feel about a "Swiss-made" iWatch? Leave your thoughts with us below in the comments.

Source: CNBC

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Reader comments

Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch


Okay, with "Swiss-Made" I'm getting interested ... Although I have my doubts that it will be made in Switzerland or even assembled there ... But you never know.

Lets hope it looks more like an actual wristwatch & less like a iPod nano with a wrist strap or a old Calculator Casio watch ... Motorola is on to something with the 360

Yes +1000. I'm really hoping Apple is the one to up the ante in the style department of smartwatches, after seeing some of the ridiculous looking designs of other manufacturers I feel it's up to them to make a statement. If it's another "me too" gimmick but running iOS I'm not interested.

I've seen the practical uses of one, but it has to really look good for me to bother. I'd rather put on a real Tag otherwise and just check my phone

yes I have to agree with you on this. I'd like to see a circular bezel, much like the Moto 360. Square watches just turn me off.

I agree, if its just another "Me Too" I'll pass ... I'm using Function Over Form Kind of guy, but wristwatches are a different story.
Same here, I'd rather wear a Real Tag over a smart watch.

In order to have "Swiss Made" on the dial/face, it takes slightly more than just hiring execs. Part of the assembly process has to take place in Switzerland, as well as the movement being Swiss - something that might be slightly tricky for a watch of this kind I'd have thought, but we'll see!

I have a few Swiss made watches, but to be honest, its not the be all and end all. German / Japanese made watches are often just as good if not better in a lot of occasions. Although obviously the top end market is with the Swiss which is where it looks like Apple are aiming.

One thing's for sure, Swatch aren't gonna be happy :)

Nooooo! That means it will probably be expensive. I was hoping for the $350 range not $1000!

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Can't get much better than that. I have the "Bourne" link series watch and it is awesome.

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Sounds awesome! Although what's with the iOS 6-esque rendering in the photo on this article? Scott Forstall called, he wants his ugly watch back lol

Christ apple know how to waste the money they've exploited from customers overs the years, beats included, one big bespoke non standard, walled garden cash till, investor led, fashion brand - they're turning into rather than a tech company - vomit.

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I seriously doubt this rumored watch will replace my higher quality watch I have had for 30 years. (even though every 5 years or so, its serviced for around $700). On the other hand, I was an original contributor through Kickstarter on the Pebble. These things interest me nonetheless. My take is these types of watches will indeed take market from younger folks, moving from their fossil and swatch watches. With all the potential here, they may never move to Rolexes, or Omegas, or better Tag Heuer watches.