Apple's wearable device could be coming in multiple versions, at least one costing $400

Apple's long-rumored wearable — the iWatch or whatever they end up calling it — is expected to be announced during the September 9th event alongside the long-rumored iPhone 6. Pricing has thus far remained a mystery but we've speculated that Apple could ultimately want to field a range of devices at a range of price points, similar to what they've done with the iPod lineup in the past. That would let a range of customers have access to HealthKit, HomeKit, the new payment system, and more. Now one of those price-points is rumored to be around $400. Re/Code

Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company's new wearable device. Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.

Of course, the iPad was originally rumored to start at $1000 and ended up shipping at $500, so it's important to remember that nothing is official until Apple announces it.

While we're waiting, though, what would an iWatch or Apple wearable have to be packing for you to consider spending $400 on it?

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Reader comments

Apple's wearable device could be coming in multiple versions, at least one costing $400


I will get one regardless. Yes I'm one of those. Call me a sheep while you check time on your timex. Bitc*es

I probably would pay $300 not sure about $400 even though I have paid as much as $575 for a non smartwtch in the past.

If it looks great as an accessory or jewelry as well - oh hell yeah.

It's probably topping at 400

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I can't imagine a wearable that would add $400 worth of utility above and beyond what my iPhone provides, but I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised.

I'd gladly pay $400 if it was a super slick, round, thin metal smartwatch. Call me a sucker but I'd totally grab one.

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There are lots of premium watches out there costing more than $400 that do nothing more than keep time. One can see dozens of them available on Amazon. It will be interesting to see the functionality, quality and craftsmanship once the watch is shown and evaluated. Judge it then.

Yeah, but those watches are priced that way because of the brand and the marketing and the "precious" metals. None of those really apply to an Apple iWatch.

A good, reliable watch for keeping time made with durable materials that looks nice and will last a lifetime can be had for a couple of hundred at max.

All those other watches are bought by fashion victims. Apple products are desirable for sure, but they will never be like Rolexes, where famous people buy them for ridiculous amounts just because.

It will be insane since this will be an accessory to the iphone according to the rumors. But if its an independent/stand alone iWatch campable in doing all/more than the current iphone then I might think about it for $400.

I use an iPhone and an iPad mini right now for all my computing needs. The iPhone (of a size to fit my music library) costs $900 every single year. The iPad mini, costs about $600 every year.

Absolutely no way I'm going to add another $400 to that. Not even a slight chance. To succeed at a $400 price point, it will have to replace one of my devices. For instance if It had a phone in it, then $400 is perfectly fine.

If all it has is a bit of extra ease of use, or a bit more convenience, but still requires me to have an iPhone to use it, then it's a no-go.

If all it has is a bit of health information but still requires me to have an iPhone to use it, then it's also a no-go.

The way it's being described, it sounds like there is very little it will do, that the iPhone doesn't already do other than (some of) the sensors for the health functions. I just don't see the value equation so far.

It depends on what you spend it. We dont know jack about the specs or look yet. Would you spend 700$ on a phone? Oh, wait...

Give me a slick, jewel-like piece of advanced hardware that goes beyond the 'track your footstep and approximate calories' or 'you just got a text message', I'd gladly spend 500+. I mean, I know it's not directly comparable, but some pay thousands for watches. For instance, Ive seen crowdfunding projects for 'e-watches' that drive sensor tracking to another level, being able to differentiate between types of movement and therefore being able to track full workouts automatically. Now, being an avid lifter that is smth I'd gladly pay quite a lot for. And there are many other situations where those sensors could be of use.

What Im afraid of would be that a lot of the deeper healthcare integration that has been rumored (that involves healthcare payers/practioners) might only serve the North American market.

So for me it'll depend on the look, on the added value (both on an integration-with-phone level but also as a standalone device), and how much I can really use the features outside the US. I always see all the NFC mobile payment rumors, the passbook articles, this or that feature, etc. I live in a country that is nowhere near introducing/implementing all these.