Rumored square iWatch could kickstart wireless charging for Apple

iWatch rumored to arrive with 2.5-inch square display

The latest iWatch reports have pegged down more specs for the upcoming Apple smartwatch. The watch is reported to be to starting production in July, with a launch set for October (which is right about when we expect to see the iPhone 6). Quanta Computer of Taiwan is said to be the primary manufacturer for the Apple wearable, accounting for 70% of the final assembly of an anticipated 50 million units. That's a lot of iWatches.

Says Reuters:

Apple will introduce a smartwatch with a display that likely measures 2.5 inches diagonally and is slightly rectangular, one of the sources said. The source added that the watch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.

Under that curving face is rumored to be a curved OLED panel from LG Display. Additionally, the iWatch is reported to be capable of monitoring the wearer's pulse, using sensors from Singaporean manufacturer Heptagon. Charging could be accomplished wirelessly, a first for Apple.

We're still several months out from when we expect to finally see the iWatch unveiled on stage, but that doesn't mean we can't muse. What do you want to see the iWatch do?

Source: Reuters

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Rumored square iWatch could kickstart wireless charging for Apple


As far as I can tell, smart watches haven't done so well. Unless Apple makes a compelling reason to have one I don't know why it would fair better than the Pebble or Gear.

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Although it may be, I don't think it is a coincidence that we are seeing all of the stuff from WWDC in a year when the elusive iWatch and potential AppleTV refresh are sounding likely.

I'm hoping the stuff Apple showed off with HealthKit, HomeKit, and Continuity was just the tip of the iceberg.

I know many are hoping for NFC in this little boy, but I say screw that and give me an iBeacon in it. And let it and the Apple TV be the conductor of my digital life.

With Continuity and Extensions this device just got the full power of iPhones, iPads, AppleTV, and OSX. And with the leaning of "don't code for any given screen size", I bet eventually an iOS App running on your phone or tablet could "project" a view to your watch.

While I would tend to agree with you. The Pebble is fine the Gear as far as I know does not work with the IPhone.
Having had what Samsung proclaims to be all to the IPhone 5S, I ended back with Apple. Samsung Gear and the Galaxy 5S drove me crazy. I had struggled with applications as well as a phone which was not working more than I was willing to accept and I gave up. And I am certain I upset the Samsung Tech. Department with my need for help. Afterwards which proved not to resolve my needs.
Perhaps it was me and my lacking a Rocket Scientist skills and ability to problem solve.
It is just that Apple, Samsung and the rest of you need to understand. Your customer base does not want to have to stand on their heads while pressing ctrl/alt delete and F10 at the same time. Keep it simple for me having a all in one integrated system makes the most sense. No third party need and the accessories recognize one another. So it doesn't matter decide who you are going to buy from and make sure the rest of your equipment comes from the same company. You will have fewer problems and sleep better.

Usually it's that it looks good or shows off status, oh and then tells the time. I have real difficulty imagining that this will be successful unless Apple get the look exactly right first time, whether or not it can monitor health, take calls or even FaceTime...
Other serious issues for me would be battery life, and how you charge it, and whether it has the ability to survive being dropped a few times. But that will probably be version 2s

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Square makes me sad, and will be very difficult to make fashionable. A round watchface like the upcoming Moto 360 would look a lot better, especially if the iWatch didn't have that stupid "chin" of nonpixels at the bottom of the screen that the 360 has. With a suite of health sensors, a good looking watch in conjunction with an enlarged 5"+ usable screen iPhone6 variant would probably bring me back to Apple. I only switched to Android for the large screen because I'm a tall guy with big hands.

Love ALL the possibilities. Health monitoring, Siri, answer calls, and, I hope: FaceTime! It is way past time for the "Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist TV"! (Showing my age!) if anybody can pull this off, it would be Apple. Paired with your iPhone this would be killer!

Wireless charging: Meh.
OLED screen: Nice.
Enhanced Siri: OMG yes!

I expect any Apple wrist-top to rely heavily on Siri. Little if any typing on a 2.5" screen.

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