Apple Watch Olympic Bands JpnSource: @L0vetodream

What you need to know

  • New images of country-specific Apple Watch bands have appeared on Twitter.
  • They were shared by anonymous leaker @L0vetodream.
  • They use the country's flag's colors and feature an abbreviation of its name.

New images of unreleased Apple Watch bands have appeared online and it seems they were designed for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympics that never happened.

The bands, images of which were shared on Twitter by anonymous leaker @L0vetodream, seem to use the colors of a country's flag and feature an abbreviation of its name on the inside.

I saw these images earlier today and it never crossed my mind that these bands might be related to the Olympics. But now the folks at MacRumors have pointed it out, it makes perfect sense. Similar bands were produced during the 2016 Olympics and Apple would likely do something similar in 2020.

Apple Watch Olympic Bands DenSource: @L0vetodream

With the Olympics postponed, these bands never saw the light of day. Hopefully, they'll make an appearance when the Olympics finally kick off – starting Friday, July 23, 2021.