The Apple Watch comes in three flavors and two sizes

Apple's new Apple Watch will come in three different models to suit just about everyone. From the sporty to the luxurious, you'll be able to have just the look you want right on your wrist. And each will be available in a smaller size for folks who don't have a large wrist.

The standard Apple Watch comes with a polished 316L stainless case, and is suitable for everyday wearing.

The Apple Sport Watch has what Apple is calling an "Ion-strengthened" display to make it tougher and able to resist a more active lifestyle.

The Apple Watch Edition come in 18 karat gold, for the folks who want a little luxury on their list.

In addition, these versions are going to be offered with a smaller strap for folks who have a smaller wrist.

Apple is doing everything they can to get us all wearing a watch that fits our needs and looks the way we want it to look. We can't wait to have a look at all the models as they become available.

Jerry Hildenbrand

I'm an RHCE and Electrical Engineer who loves gadgets of all kinds. You'll find my writings across Mobile Nations and you can hit me on Twitter if you want to say hey.