Apple Watch helps catch serious condition in high school football player

Apple Watch Heart Beat
Apple Watch Heart Beat (Image credit: Rene Ritchie/iMore)

A high school football player is thankful for his Apple Watch after it helped catch a severe illness. Paul Houlie Jr., a football player at Tabor Academy in Massachusetts, was wearing his newly-purchased watch following football practice on September 8, and noticed that his heart rate remained elevated hours after practice. When Houlie mentioned this to his team's head trainer, who rushed him to the school's health center and confirmed his elevated heart rate.

This lead Paul to be taken to the emergency room, where he was eventually diagnosed with a severe case of rhabdomyolysis, a normally mild syndrome caused by muscle injury. From

"At the hospital they told me that if I had gone to practice the next day that I would have lost all control of my muscles and there was a good chance I would have fallen down on the field and died right there," he says. "I'm very grateful for that heart rate monitor."

This isn't the first time we've seen the Apple Watch play an important role in medical treatment. Just last month, a patient was able to shorten his hospital stay by providing doctors with a complete readout of his heart activity as gathered by the watch over two weeks.


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