In Paris today? The Apple Watch is on display at Colette for one day only

The Apple Watch will be showcased in a "one-day only" event during Paris Fashion Week. The watch will be displayed at Colette, a high-end fashion boutique. The event marks the first time Apple is allowing the watch to be displayed in public.

A selection of watches will be highlighted behind window displays, and customers eager to get a better look at the watches can walk into Colette anytime today between 11 AM and 7 PM. Apple hasn't provided a clear timeline for when its watch will be available to customers, only stating that it would be available sometime next year.

Considering that the Apple Watch will be available in three variants, what version will you be looking to buy once it launches?

Update: It looks like Jony Ive has made the journey to Paris to take a look at Colette's display.

Source: Colette

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  • "...what version will you be looking to buy once it launches?" -which ever drops below $200 first. Sent from the iMore App
  • The version that comes out in 2016 will be the version I'll get