Apple will closely guard Apple Watch sales numbers in new reporting method

Starting the first quarter of its 2015 fiscal year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company may not break out sales figures for the Apple Watch. By not disclosing exact sales numbers for Apple's nascent smartwatch, a typically secretive Apple would hope to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. Apple would employ a new way of reporting sales and earnings for its Apple Watch by categorizing it into a category marked "other" along with a few other products.

Despite being placed in an "other" position, Tim Cook reassured investors that this has nothing to do with the way the company views the Apple Watch or its importance:

It says nothing about our expectations about the product. I'm not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch and giving a lot of detail because competitors look for it.

Lumping the Apple Watch into a category named "other," Apple would be reporting sales of the smartwatch alongside numbers for Apple TV, headphones and accessories from Beats, and iPod sales.

What do you think of Apple's reporting strategy for what appears to be a very important product introduction in Apple's lineup?

Chuong H Nguyen