Apple will offer battery replacements for the Apple Watch

Apple offers battery replacements for many of their products, including laptops, iPhones and iPads, so it isn't surprising that Apple would offer battery replacements for Apple Watch. Still, it's good to have that assurance. What isn't known, however, is how much a battery replacement will cost. From Techcrunch:

Well, when it comes to the battery at least, owners of Apple Watch will be able to extend its lifespan. An Apple spokesman confirmed to TechCrunch the "battery is replaceable". Albeit, it's not clear how much it will cost to send in your wearable to Apple to get it returned with a new cell in place.

We also don't know what kind of warranty Apple will offer for the watch. For example, the iPhone warranty currently covers replacements for defective batteries for one year. Out of warranty, Apple offers a battery service for $79, with a $6.95 shipping charge.

The Apple Watch is expected to offer around 18 hours of battery life based on average use. We should know more about battery replacement plans following the launch of the Apple Watch next month.

Source: TechCrunch

Joseph Keller

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