Belkin's new, sleek Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock can top up your iPhone and Apple Watch

Belkin Boost Up
Belkin Boost Up (Image credit: Belkin)

Belkin just unveiled its newest product additions. There's a Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock and a PowerHouse Charge Dock, both of which are compatible with the iPhone XS, Max, XR, and Apple Watch Series 4 as well as previous models.

When released in December, the Boost Up charging pad will sell for $160, making it the priciest Belkin device. It has a super-sleek minimalist aesthetic, with clean white lines and an elegant footprint. It'll let you charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, and it also has a third USB-A port for other devices.

The charging pad features optimized wireless charging, and it can charge through cases up to 3mm thick. It also supports Nightstand mode and comes with a three-year warranty.

The soon-to-come PowerHouse Charge Dock is a good alternative if you prefer to top off your phone via Lightning connector instead of through wireless charging. It has a dial to raise and lower the lightning connector, too, and it'll be up for grabs in November.

Of course, you don't have to pay almost $200 for a solid charging experience. You could opt for this Belkin Powerhouse Charging station, which is currently $10 off and selling for $89.99. This version is discounted further and selling for $72. The Twelve South HiRise Duet is another solid option around the same price point. Those are compatible with the newer iPhone models as well.

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