Best Metal Bands for Garmin Vivosmart HR iMore 2019

While a wearable is typically used to track your steps, monitor your fitness, and work towards your overall health, it doesn't mean you have to be stuck with a dull and boring silicone band. Having a metal option for your Garmin Vivosmart HR gives you the chance to take the look and feel of your wearable to a whole new level, adding a bit of classic pizazz and polish to your look! So without further adieu, here are the best metal bands available for your Garmin Vivosmart HR.

Might metal milanese: ANCOOL Milanese Stainless Steel Loop Bracelet

Keep it minimal, keep it classy, and keep it metal with help from the ANCOOL Milanese Stainless Steel Loop Bracelet. This particular Garmin Vivosmart HR band is fantastic for people with limited mobility or have a hard time doing a clasp up with one hand, while a secure magnet ensures that the band won't slip off your wrist in the middle of the day. You can pick up the ANCOOL Milanese Stainless Steel Loop Bracelet in small and large sizes in colors like rose gold, black, and silver.

$17 at Amazon

Simple yet classic: ANCOOL Stainless Steel Metal Band

If you're someone who prefers the look of a more traditional watch band, then we recommend taking a peek at the ANCOOL Stainless Steel Metal Band. This classic looking band is easy to install and uninstall and comes in three different colors. If there are any issues at all with it, a 12-month warranty has you covered.

$20 at Amazon

All that glitters...: Caramote Metal and Rhinestone Replacement Strap

Add a li'l glitz and glam to that wrist of yours with some help from the Caramote Metal and Rhinestone Replacement Strap. This fancy band replacement for your Garmin Vivosmart HR is accented with rhinestones that sparkle and shine among the durable yet comfortable metal body. It comes in two different colors: rose gold and silver.

$17 at Amazon

Eye-catching yet protective: GELISHI Adjustable Metal Strap and Case

If you're someone who needs a little extra protection when it comes to their metal band, then take a gander at the GELISHI Adjustable Metal Strap and Case. This particular band is made from high-grade stainless steel and secures via a strong magnetic closure. The case gives you a little extra protection for your wearable and the case is available in four different colors.

$17 at Amazon

From watch strap to bracelet: ANCOOL Stainless Steel Bracelet Replacement

Turning your Garmin Vivosmart HR into a piece of super stylish jewelry is easy with the ANCOOL Stainless Steel Bracelet Replacement. This reliable and comfortable band is easy to adjust for your wrist size and simple to install. It comes in four different colors, including black, gold, rose gold, and silver metal finishes.

$24 at Amazon

With so many awesome metal band to choose from for your Garmin Vivosmart HR, it can be hard to pick just one. I personally love the Caramote Metal and Rhinestone Replacement Strap and the ANCOOL Milanese Stainless Steel Loop Bracelet for different reasons, but to each their own! Whatever band you end up deciding on, we hope that it's an accessory that works effortlessly with your lifestyle. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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