Best Ways to Organize Apple Watch Bands iMore 2022

Whether you're someone who has dozens of different Apple Watch bands to pick from, or you've just started your ultimate watch band collection, keeping your bands organized and looking sharp can be a bit of a challenge. Don't just toss them haphazardly in your top drawer. Here are the best ways to organize Apple Watch bands!

Fintie Watch Bands Storage Bag

Best organization: Fintie Watch Bands Storage Bag

Staff Favorite

Designed to keep all your Apple Watch accessories perfectly organized, the Fintie Watch Bands Storage Bag is a great way to safely store your Apple Watch bands at home or when traveling. The case is made from water-resistant fabric and zips up to make sure your watch bands don't slide out. Mesh separators also keep your watch bands from rubbing and bumping against each other.

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songmics 24 watch box

Something simple: SONGMICS 24 Watch Box

Built with faux leather outside and soft, gray velvet inside, this watch box is perfect for displaying and organizing up to 24 watchbands. A glass lid allows you to view your watches without the trouble of unlocking or opening the box while still protecting the bands from dust. The hinge is also built with a metal safety latch to prevent the lid from falling back once opened, while the box itself can be locked for security purposes and an additional level of protection.

zero mass Apple Watch band

For a small collection: Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Box Display Case

Designed to fit and secure up to eight Apple Watch bands, the Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Box Display Case is ideal for people who don't have a gigantic collection but still have something to put on display. While the case doesn't come with a glass box top to prevent dust like some other Apple Watch cases or a lock to stop prying fingers from touching your goodies, this case is ideal for drawer storage and simple organization.

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Yoo Soo ring velvet display

Easy does it: Yosoo Ring Velvet Display Box

This velvet display box is outfitted with nine slots that you can use to stand your Apple Watch bands up in, and they're stiff and secure enough to make sure nothing is slipping out or getting lost. While the Yosoo Ring Velvet Display Box comes without a cover, you can easily slip it in a drawer or another display or jewelry box if need be.

Caddy Bay Collection Compact Travel Watch Band Strap Case

Compact and secure: Caddy Bay Collection Compact Travel Watch Band Strap Case

With a sturdy hard shell, this simple case holds twelve watch bands watches and compact enough to make it suitable for travel. With an assortment of secure straps and padded dividers, the Caddy Bay Collection Compact Storage Box is also safeguarded with a zipper. The case can also be used to store other items such as body jewelry, cuff links, watch tools, or other watches.

$40 at Amazon
tech Swiss travel roll up

For the gentlemen: Tech Swiss Travel Roll Up

The roll-up organizer includes five large storage compartments and two smaller spaces. Besides Apple Watch bands, you can use this case for jewelry, pens, cords, cables, chargers, and much more. It's available in several color options, including classic black/black, rustic brown/brown, and trendy black/red.

Time to Get Organized

There's nothing more frustrating than a disorganized mess in a drawer. Keep your watch bands safe and sorted with one of these handy watch band organizers. We like the TechSwiss Portfolio for its fine leather materials and compact, travel-friendly size, but depending on your own needs, you might need something a little different.

Are you a big fan of keeping your bands in a display case? Would you prefer something smaller like a travel case if you only have one or two bands? If you never thought of organizing Apple Watch bands before, these are some good places to start.

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