What you need to know

  • A developer has managed to burn a CD using an Apple Watch.
  • Niles Mitchell used Rumpus, an FTP server and a web file manager to accomplish the feat.
  • This is not an advertised feature of the Apple Watch.

App developer and AppleScript expert Niles Mitchell has published a video to Youtube, in which he successfully burns a CD using... an Apple Watch.

As absurd as that sounds, Mitchell uploaded a full video documenting the process. Granted, there's quite a few hoops to jump through. Essentially, Micthell used Rumpus, and FTP server app, and a web file manager. He sent an IP address to a web page containing a blank CD to himself in iMessage, Siri was used to create some blank folders. Then it was just a case of heading to the settings icon and selecting "Burn". Voila.

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Still don't believe us, check out the full video below!

Of course, this is not an advertised feature of the Apple Watch. Although I would love to see this make it to a "This Watch tells time" commercial.