Copycat technology is nothing new, but it's still fun to point out when things look unapologetically the same as something else. If you were to look at the Amazfit Bip Lite quickly, you may mistake it for an Apple Watch, but one thing about it that you won't mistake is the price. For Black Friday, Amazon Prime members can pick one up for just $49.99, which is about a third the price of an Apple Watch right now.

Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bit Lite

The design here may be familiar, but the price tag may not. It's one third the price, and lasts for up to 45 days per charge. You may want to try one out.

Sure, we know. The experience may not be the same. The quality may not be the same. It's not made by Apple. We get it. This is just designed to mimic the look and feel of an Apple Watch, but not offer the same experience. When you compare the two, though, the Amazfit Bip Lite excels in a few places actually. One of the big differences here is that this option offers up to 45 days of battery life per charge, and you can charge it fully in just 2.5 hours. It also works with both iPhone and Android devices.

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Similarly to the Apple Watch, this can alert you when you've been sitting for too long, give you insights to your activity levels, and show you notifications for email, text, and more from your phone. It's available in black, blue, and pink, and for the time being all three colors are on sale.

If you have a kid or family member who wants an Apple Watch but they aren't quite responsible enough for one yet, this is a great option to consider.

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