watchOS conceptSource: Matt Birchler

What you need to know

  • A new concept shows us what watchOS 7 could be.
  • It features improvements to workouts, always-on displays, and more.
  • And yes, third-party watch faces are there.

New concepts pop up all the time but not all of them are so thorough and well thought out as this watchOS 7 concept from Matt Birchler. The concept not only has some gorgeous images for us to take in, but there's an explainer behind the thinking, too.

I'm not going to run through the whole thing here because Birchler deserves the traffic for his work, but I do want to call out a couple of highlights. Starting with being able to edit workouts on an iPhone. I haven't used an Apple Watch properly since the Series 0 so I didn't realize this still isn't possible. And it needs to be fixed.

Finally, and this is a small one, but I would love to be able to perform the basic mid-workout actions from a notification on my iPhone as well. I'd have this live as a persistent notification on my lock screen with some interaction, similar to the Now Playing controls. This is rarely an issue since the watch is already on my wrist, but sometimes it would be easier to use the phone.

While we're on the workout theme, Birchler is also right in asking for some mechanism that can handle simply taking a day off without losing your streak. Some days you can't close your rings, and you shouldn't be punished for that.

This has been a request for a long time as well, but the Apple Watch should allow us the ability to be human and take a day off every once in a while. People get attached to their streaks, and breaking one because you're either sick or in a situation where you can't work out should be more okay. Activity++ addresses this by giving you a rest day every week so you can take a break on Sunday and get back to it on Monday and not lose any active streak. This would be completely fine by me, but any solution that makes it so streaks don't terminate after a single bad day would be great.

And of course, there are watch faces. If Apple isn't going to bring watch faces to the App Store, why not let us build our own, locally and on-device?

As an alternative, Apple could also ship some sort of "build your own watch face" tool on the Watch app for iPhone. While you can kind of do that already with the existing watch faces, maybe Apple could make a tool for dragging whatever complications and other elements around the screen to your heart's content. I don't know how useful this would be, but it could help people get closer to their perfect watch face.

Pretty please?

Be sure to check out the full concept over on BirchTree for more cool ideas. Especially if you happen to be part of the watchOS team!