Jony Ive talks about the 'millions' of combinations for Apple Watch

ABC has published another segment of the interview with Apple's Tim cook and Jony Ive. Instead of hearing from the CEO, Ive goes into some detail about the design of the recently announced Apple Watch and reiterates the project has been in development for almost three years.

Check out the video interview below, which sees Ive also touch on the "millions and millions" of options available to Apple Watch owners to personalize their wearable and really stand out from the crowd. This is formed of watch faces, available bands, the two different sizes and other factors of choice.

What are your thoughts on the new wearable from Apple?

Source: ABC News

Rich Edmonds
  • I like their interviews, I just wish their was somewhere to go to watch it all in one sitting.. instead of peace meal and small bits.
  • I think I'm interested in exactly zero of their millions of combinations.
  • Well of course you're not, you're just a head in a jar.
  • LOL
  • Whether I purchase and find it useful or not... if you watch this video and observe how the watch on Jony's wrist is slipping all over the place, it reminds me at least, why I don't currently wear a watch now. Apart from the personalization and how it looks (which I do think I would find a combo to my tastes), it really must present a usefulness that I can't get out of any other device that I carry... that don't slip around so precariously.
  • You want it to be chocking your wrist? You are suppose to fit a finger between the watch and your skin so it feels comfortable, speaking with someone that have 10 different brand of watches!!
  • So you if you can better understand what I wrote, I don't like the rules of wearing a watch, and exactly why I dont! So that they're not chocking my wist, or swipping all ower da place.
  • For $350, its not worth it to me. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Especially since you would also have to buy an iPhone as well? App for Android?
  • Lol people can see the Posted via iMore app for Android tag Sent from the iMore App
  • Based on the case sizes, metal types, band styles, and possible faces (available on Apple's website), I did a quick calculation and only came up with 792 distinct possibilities...
    Not sure where they got 'millions' Regardless, I wear a $300+ watch & $100 Fitbit tracker everyday so I'm all in on the AppleWatch
  • Correction... forgot about the different color choices on the bands and faces. The number is around 2,324,784... Jony Ive is right again...
  • Stupid Jony... there's a reason he only spoke at one keynote...
  • What's that? Because he's British? Lol Sent from the iMore App
  • coming from a guy on a forum site wiht a FUCKING bunny for a avatar.
  • Try tomorrow morning.. Its not your day today! Sent from the iMore App
  • Exactly
  • That's pure coincidence..I never changed it. My post still stands, Ive is good at telling crap.
  • I love the idea behind the watch, and absolutely love the design, but i'm still concerned about how water resistant it is, and also the battery life.
  • +1
    I'll probably get one soon after they come out. I haven't worn a watch in about 4 years. My $450 titanium citizen watch with solar charged battery. It died after replacing the glass (it got an annoying but scratch but was watertight and working properly still, just wanted to change it bc I didn't like the scratch) and the jewelry shop didn't re-seal the case properly. Took it scuba diving shortly after that and it was toast. I loved that watch and wore it for about 15 years and only replaced the band 1 time before the fatal improper glass swap job.
    If the apple watch can last 1/2 as long and be as durably as that old citizen, I'm in! I do want to see it in person 1st. Sent from the iMore App