Nancy Pelosi checks her Apple Watch during State of the Union

Nancy Pelosi is apparently so enamored with her Apple Watch that the U.S. Minority Leader of the House of Representatives can't stop checking it... even during the annual State of the Union.

Checking your Apple Watch is generally quicker and more discreet than pulling out your iPhone, but Pelosi still managed to get caught on video. Bustle:

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Was she checking her iMessages or Twitter DMs? Sending animated emoji high-fives or tapping out her applause? Catching up on cat Vines? There's been no official statement, but it does serve as a reminder that no matter how fast and convenient your connection to the internet is, when you're on the world stage, the camera catches everything.

  • It was a low battery reminder
  • Wow, news...
  • "Someone caught looking at something they own and use." Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!! She checked her watch. Thanks for being all over this breaking news.
  • This is news?
  • Her turn on Trivia Crack was about to time out.
  • Wow. Pulitzer worthy.
  • It's a shame that you people are required to have X amount of posts per day, because then we get crap like this. This is NOT news.
  • Usually against all the negative Nancy's, but seriously, does this really need a post.... Sent from the iMore App
  • Riveting.
  • In other news members of congress in America own Apple products
  • While I doubt this is newsworthy, it WAS the State of the Union. Maybe it's considered rude for a woman of her stature to constantly be distracted with her Watch while none other than the President of the United States is speaking? Sent from the iMore App