It's a grey and dreary afternoon in Boston today, but Apple has me itching to go find the color in my life (probably at our nearby Planet Fitness) after watching the company's new Apple Watch ad, "Live Bright":

I'm terrified of heights and hate running, and yet I suddenly have an urge to go parachuting and experience a color run. Dammit, Apple.

In all seriousness, this is how you sell the Apple Watch: Show it persevering through all manner of amazing athletic situations. (I only wish they'd have come and filmed our last roller derby game, which took place on St Patrick's Day weekend and involved plenty of color.)

There's also something to be said about tying the watch to the "fitspo" lifestyle as opposed to the Series 1's fashion-conscious angle. The watch is gorgeous, but where it truly shines is in its abilities β€”Β and active women, men, and kids throughout the world are a great way to show those off at their most exciting.

But really, kid up seeing the Northern Lights: A πŸ˜› face? Next time, I suggest 😎.