Apple has introduced a new way to charge your Apple Watch. The just released Apple Watch Magnetic Charger charging cable uses USB-C instead of the normal USB-A. Now if you have a modern MacBook, which only has a USB-C port, or some other USB-C connection you use frequently, you'll be able to power up your Apple Watch. With no change to the charger other than the connection type, it won't actually juice up your watch any faster or anything like that.

The cable is compatible with every generation of Apple Watch from the Series 1 to the new Series 4. Right now it only comes in the 0.3m size with no indication of a 1 or 2 meter size like the USB-A version has. It's the same price at $29, although you can find the USB-A 0.3m for $25 on Amazon.

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There are plenty of options for Apple Watch charging beyond just the official cables, including a nearly-identical Apple Watch Charging Cable for $10 less and a portable option with a built-in power bank

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