The trademark is for a logo showing a stylized image of an apple with the word "APPLE" in italics cutting horizontally across the middle. It was filed in 1985 and has been renewed every ten years since. It's currently scheduled to come due again in December of 2015.

The trademark is in the news thanks to RTS and Reuters, who somehow managed to misidentify the nature of the intellectual property claim as a patent instead of a trademark.

Apple, of course, has yet to announce an Apple Watch launch for Switzerland. That means there's nothing to "hit" and really no story at all. When and if Apple does announce Swiss availability, then a determination will have to be made on the likelihood of confusion between the two products — if indeed the trademark holder has a product in play at the time — and that sounds like it isn't a sure thing. Either way, it's currently the kind of news that isn't.

9 actually announced countries come up for pre-orders on April 10 and release on April 24.

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