Rumored square iWatch could kickstart wireless charging for Apple

The latest iWatch reports have pegged down more specs for the upcoming Apple smartwatch. The watch is reported to be to starting production in July, with a launch set for October (which is right about when we expect to see the iPhone 6). Quanta Computer of Taiwan is said to be the primary manufacturer for the Apple wearable, accounting for 70% of the final assembly of an anticipated 50 million units. That's a lot of iWatches.

Says Reuters:

Apple will introduce a smartwatch with a display that likely measures 2.5 inches diagonally and is slightly rectangular, one of the sources said. The source added that the watch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.

Under that curving face is rumored to be a curved OLED panel from LG Display. Additionally, the iWatch is reported to be capable of monitoring the wearer's pulse, using sensors from Singaporean manufacturer Heptagon. Charging could be accomplished wirelessly, a first for Apple.

We're still several months out from when we expect to finally see the iWatch unveiled on stage, but that doesn't mean we can't muse. What do you want to see the iWatch do?

Source: Reuters

Derek Kessler

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