Clockwork Synergy is one of my absolute favorite high-quality, reasonably-priced Apple Watch Band companies. Right now and until December 4, you can get 30% off your order with the Black Friday promo code 2019BF. You must place a minimum order of $30 to receive the discount. Items already on sale will not be included in this promotion.

High quality, low prices

Clockwork Synergy Apple Watch bands

Clockwork Synergy

Black Friday bargains

Change up the look of your Apple Watch with one of our favorite bands from Clockwork Synergy.

I've been a fan of Clockwork Synergy bands almost as long as I've been a fan of the Apple Watch. I've owned and reviewed a large number of Apple Watch bands over the years, and Clockwork Synergy is one of the ones I recommend to friends most frequently. I recommend this brand because the quality is high and the prices are quite reasonable. Clockwork Synergy's adapters slide onto and off of the Apple Watch like butter, but yet they stay locked into place when in use. You can order your hardware in a bunch of different colors to better match your Apple Watch no matter which color you have.

Clockwork Synergy offers a vast selection of Apple Watch bands. The best-known is probably their 2-Piece Classic NATO band, which looks like, well, a classic NATO watchband from well before the invention of the Apple Watch. Clockwork Synergy has 88 different colors and patterns, from solids to stripes to flags. I have several of these in regular rotation, and in fact, I'm wearing my rainbow-striped one right now. I put it on this morning before I even knew about this sale or that I'd be writing about bands today. These bands are comfortable, form-fitting, and the tail tucks securely into the loop, so you don't have excess band sticking out.

Another of my particular favorites is the Lizard Leather which comes in a dozen colors. It is real premium leather, though I don't think it's from a lizard.

There are tons more styles from which to choose, but every one I've tried has been a winner. Don't forget to use promo code 2019BF when you get to the cart page to get your 30% off.

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