Swatch denies working with Apple on the iWatch

News broke out yesterday that Swatch is working with Apple on the iWatch.Today, in a statement passed on to Bloomberg, the famous brand of watches shot down reports by stating that "Swatch is not working with Apple on Smartwatches". This statement closes the VentureBeat report, which cited unknown sources.

Swatch also notes that the company is not hastily looking to expand into the smartwatch race any time soon. CEO Nick Hayek had previously said that he sees large amounts of resistance from consumers as the hardware available today is unable to contain enough charge for operation for more than a few days, as well as screens being on the small side to read through notifications and other content.

Everything is still up in the air regarding the iWatch, but there's not long left to wait through until Apple eventually unveils a new product line. While we wait, what would you like to see in Apple's iWatch?

Source: Bloomberg

Rich Edmonds