20 percent of Apple Watch customers reportedly buying additional bands

According to from research firm Slice Intelligence, almost 20 percent of consumers who purchased an Apple Watch also picked up a spare band. Sport, leather loops, Milanese loops, classic buckles, and link bracelets have all been available to order since release day, and some in multiple colors—see our Apple Watch Band reviews.

From Reuters:

The black sport band is the most popular choice for both the band that comes with device and extras ordered by consumers.But the $149 Milanese loop is the second-most popular second band, suggesting many consumers are pairing a practical sport band with a more luxurious option to make the watch more versatile, said Kanishka Agarwal, Slice's chief data officer."People are trying to get two watches in one," he said.

Anecdotally, several iMore staffers and their friends and family members purchased additional bands. We'll leave it up to you to decide if they can be considered normal consumers in these circumstances.

Of course, selling bands in addition to watches should prove wildly profitable for Apple as margins on accessories are typically very, very good.

Rich Edmonds