watchOS 5 beta temporarily unavailable as Apple fixes an issue that may occur while updating

watchOS 5 reveal
watchOS 5 reveal

The watchOS 5 beta seed, which went live on Apple's developer site following the WWDC 2018 keynote on January 4 has been temporarily halted. This is in order to fix an issue some developers might experience while updating. It's my understanding Apple wants to address the issues before resuming the seed.

If you go to now, you'll see the following:

Seed 1 of watchOS 5 is temporarily unavailable. We are investigating an issue that may occur while updating. If you've experienced any issues, please contact AppleCare.

Betas for iOS 12, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave remain available. The beta for watchOS 5 should resume soon.

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  • The "issue" is that a lot of Series 2 watches would not update. Reddit and dev forums are filled with people who have 'updated' several times, but the watch restarted in the original v4 version.
  • There was probably an error during the update process, at which point the device rolled back the version.