What else do you want to see at Apple's Spring Forward event?

The 2007 iPhone keynote also hosted the re-introduction of Apple TV (née iTV). The 2012 iPad 3 event also hosted the introduction of the Apple TV 3 (1080p). Last year's iPhones 6 event shared the stage with the Apple Watch, and the iPads with Touch ID shared the stage with the Retina 5K iMac. Apple has a history of double features.

For the last couple of years, spring has been a quiet time for Apple. It wasn't until WWDC in June that the company took to the keynote stage. That made sense. Almost all their existing product lines were updated in the fall, leaving not much else to talk about until the summer and the new versions of iOS and OS X, and a few Macs.

This year, however, there's a lot on deck.

  • Retina MacBook Air has apparently been in the works for a while. Now that Intel finally has it's chipsets together, could Apple be ready to pull the trigger? The MacBook Air is currently the only Mac without a Retina option. Rumor has it that the newly redesigned, newly Retina 12-inch MacBook is in production, though, so could it also be on stage? It'd sure make a for a great Photos for Mac launch demo!

  • Apple Watch accessories could make an appearance. Apple has already shown off the inductive charging cable, but while the Apple Watch Edition box charger has been talked about, it hasn't been given any time on stage. So, could we see more of that kind of stuff? And since there's not 3.5mm headset port on the Apple Watch, but there is native audio playback, could we finally see the Bluetooth EarPods? (Not Beats, which already does wireless, but Apple's own branded and designed versions as well?)

  • Apple TV has been without a hardware update since the aforementioned spring 2012 event. It's hard not to imagine new hardware and software are ready, and maybe even a new platform. Content deals, if that's what's been holding it back, are harder to predict. Rumors has it that's begun to change — HBO anyone? — so could the Apple TV 4 finally be ready for prime time?

  • iPad Pro was recently rumored for a fall rather than spring release. Whether or not there's an Apple Pen to go with it, that makes it sound like the 12.9-inch version of the tablet — and the software needed to support it — is still a ways out. If the old rumors were better than the new rumors, though, who knows?

  • Apple Music, the rumored update that brings the best of iTunes and the best of Beats together, is supposedly tied to iOS 8.4 and we haven't even gotten the Watch-friendly iOS 8.2 yet. Apple does sometimes pre-announce new services, but usually only by a month or so. Still, if Eddy Cue is going to talk Apple Pay, maybe he could talk Apple's new play as well?

  • Apple Car. Hahaha. No. Not yet.

So, what's your best guess? What's going to be sharing the Spring Forward event stage on Monday?