At WWDC 2018, watchOS 5 was announced with some rad new features, and Siri got a good bulk of the upgrades, with some wild new features and automations that should have you spending less time swiping and tapping at your wrist.

Siri used machine learning — it's super effective!

The Siri watch face on your Apple Watch was introduced with watchOS 4, and the convenience of having Siri on your wrist will be increasing when watchOS 5 releases this fall, thanks in large part to machine learning. Basically, as you use your Apple Watch more and as Siri "gets to know you" more and more through your iPhone and Apple Watch actions, based on time of day, location, and more, Siri learns to proactively suggest relevant content and shortcuts.

So if you're just getting up in the morning, your "wake up" playlist might be ready and waiting on your wrist. Leaving work for the day? Traffic alerts might appear. Basically, Siri in watchOS 5 will be taking a lot of the legwork out of your daily routines.

More third-party app integration

So long as a developer enables Siri Shortcuts, Siri will be able to engage with that app and perform various actions, some automated and some you can set up manually to do the things you want them to do.

Here's what you can do with Siri and apps

Hey Siri

Apple figures that when you're standing talking to someone, you're not going to say their name to get their attention because you're right in front of them. So that mechanic has been employed with Siri in watchOS 5 — just raise your wrist and start speaking. No need to say "Hey Siri" first.


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