iPhone SDK Cometh, So Sayeth BusinessWeek. Developers Cheer and Sing Sea Shanties

iPhone users may experience sudden loss of bladder control in early January. According to sources quoted by BusinessWeek, who are close to the companies plans - sorry BW, the janitorial staff do not count as sources - Apple plans to deliver an SDK at MacWorld, finally opening the platform to software developers. No more of that freakshow hackware stuff, alright?

The sources go on to say that Apple's timing has to do with the release of Leopard, the next version of OSX, coming next Friday. Apparently this upcoming iPhone SDK will somehow be tied directly to Leopard itself, through Xcode, though I'm still questioning how that is possible. I assume there are major changes to Cocoa, native to Leopard. Or it could simply be a technical way of luring developers to Leopard in the same way that Microsoft soldered DirectX 10 on to Vista, hoping to sucker attract game developers.

Anyway, pour a pint of ale. Three cheers for it. See you in January, and all that rot.


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iPhone SDK Cometh, So Sayeth BusinessWeek. Developers Cheer and Sing Sea Shanties


It's not free apps I care about, it's free to try that is important. the ease of app.tapp for downloading and trying out new apps is as revolutionary as the iphone is (not that either are really revolutionary technologically speaking)
I don't want to go home, plug in a cable, start up iTunes and shop for apps. I enjoy discovering a new app while I'm on the go, or trying to go.. Let's see how they handle this, hopefully NullRiver guys get a nice deal from apple and we get to keep App.Tapp :)