Measures HD for iPad now available

Measures HD, by Neuwert Media, is an iPad utility app that converts between currency and units of measure.

In addition to all features available in the iPhone version, Measures for iPad supports unlimited number of favorites and wikipedia look-up feature providing additional information for the units you choose. The UI for the iPad version was created from scratch to provide the best user experience.

Screenshots and details after the break.

[iTunes link]


  • Eye pleasing design with changeable themes
  • Very intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited number of favorites
  • Built-in calculator
  • Rounding slider allowing to change precision on a category basis
  • Extensive search capability inspired by spotlight
  • Lookup of wikipedia articles for currently selected conversion
  • Configurable library with over 1000 different units grouped into 40 categories
  • 170 currency exchange rates updated via the internet
  • Copy and paste support
  • Result can be presented in scientific format (1.094E+2)
  • Support for combined units as result (mi+ft, ft+in, lb+oz etc.)
  • Localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese

Supported conversions:

  • Common conversions: length, area, mass, temperature etc.
  • Currency and precious metals exchange rates
  • Cloth and shoes sizes
  • Physics: charge, magnetic field and flux, density etc.
  • Engineering conversions: viscosity, radio transmission power, sound pressure, am. wire gauge etc.
  • Data amount conversions including IEEE1541-2002 standard
  • And many more

Measures HD is available on the iPad for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Measures HD for iPad now available


Excuse me, but how is this newsworthy?
It's a cute little app, but you can type is "500 USD to Euro" or "5 inch to cm" into Google and get the same result. There are also countless free converter apps in the app store. Finally - It only works on the iPad?? If you have an iPad, chances are, you have an iPhone. And do you need a quick conversion sitting at your couch or at Starbucks, or do you need it when you are abroad in a store tying to calculate a price or convert a shoe size?

WoW! What a wonderful and newsworthy article! I've been looking for a conversion app as versatile as this one for quite some time -- the free apps really don't have this level of diversity, and they definitely don't have the clean looks. For me, an app must be both functional and have eye-appeal. I must be the only guy in the world who has an iPad and NO iPHONE! And while anybody can type "500 USD to Euro" into Google, I do not always have ready access to a computer. Being able to use my iPad in the field to convert various units of measure (especially for engineering) is really quite helpful. Yes, some iPads actually venture out of the cozy confines of a home and are used for things other than playing "Angry Birds". Great find, Leanna! Thanks!