Apple launches the iPhone 5 in 22 more countries. Did you get one?

Apple launches the iPhone 5 in 22 more countries. Did you get one?

Apple today launched the new iPhone 5 in 22 additional countries, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. That brings the total to 30 + Hong Kong, and represents one of Apple most aggressive launch schedules in history.

If you picked up an iPhone 5 in one of those countries today, let us know about your experience -- about the pre-order process or standing in line, and most of all about how you like your new iPhone 5.

Then check out these links to get up to speed as fast as possible:

If you haven't gotten your knew iPhone 5 yet, but you're thinking about it, check out our:

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Apple launches the iPhone 5 in 22 more countries. Did you get one?


Got it here in Finland this morning after about 2 hours in line. Got to the store 5am (local time) with a friend and we were the first out of about 30 people to get it at 7am when the store opened.
However we were alone almost for the first hour.

So far I'm liking the phone a lot.

Ok. So apple is selling in new countries and I still haven't received my i5 that was ordered on the first day it was available to order.

You took the words out of my d@@@ mouth. I am still waiting. Didn't order on the 14th but I ordered on the 15th and my status still says "Processing Items" with an expected delivery of October 10-16. This is ridiculous and I will never pre-order again!!!!!!!

I got mine today (in Norway). I wanted to buy it directly from, but the delivery estimates were at 3-4 weeks when it launched, so I went to a local cellphone kiosk when they opened this morning and got one. Doing the iCloud backup restore right now!

Apple Should more conscious of the rest of the world markets.
In Europe the LTE roll out has been done in frequencies like 800mhz and the 2600mhz. The 1800mhz has been left for fringe locations, because most of the operators use 1800 in gsm.
The iPhone 5 will only work in Europe either gsm+LTE or wcdma+LTE and LTE only in 1800mhz.
I'm waiting for the iPhone with gsm+wcdma and no LTE or for one iPhone tha will work with the major LTE frequencies in Europe.

I got mine a couple of hours ago here in Sweden. I actually preordered it on the 21st so I would get it on launch day.