SDK Still Beta, iTunes for Distro, Apple as Gatekeeper, and More...


iLounge brings word that, according to their sources (all familiar with the situation and plans, of course), the upcoming SDK will sport the following "features":

  • Locked down via iTunes. All apps will be distributed exclusively via Apple's iTunes store in a manner similar to today's iPod games.
  • Approved by Apple. Apple (no doubt via a single Steve Jobs thumbs up or down) will elevate any given app to the heavens of iTunes, or drop them to the lions of perpetual delay or refusal. No unapproved apps will be released or releasable.
  • No docks for you. 3rd party apps will not be able to call on the connector, removing hardware keyboards and other dock-dependent offerings from the table.
  • Radio/camera open. BT is unknown, but 3rd party devs should be able to access most if not all core features of OS X mobile, including Wi-Fi, phone, etc.

Also, the same sources agree with previous 'net chatter that the March Event will only see a beta release of the SDK, not the full fledged version, along with increased enterprise support.

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SDK Still Beta, iTunes for Distro, Apple as Gatekeeper, and More...


Nope, it will be the usual huge success. Distributing software via the iTunes store will be extremely easy for the user and therefore extremely lucrative for the developers and Apple. It still won't deliver everything people want though (no Skype, no direct access to the iPhone's files, no MP3's). You'll still have to jailbreak your phone to get everything.
As for me, all I want are some games. Where the hell are the games??